Why do organizations need to track on-field employees time and location?

As per American payroll association research, time-theft is the biggest problem to overcome to manage on-field/remote workforce. Research discovered that there is 43% of on-field employees commit time-theft, which is shockingly high and affect the organization’s efficiency and so to the bottom line.

Employee time tracking helps the organization to manage on-field workforce efficiently and eliminate the false claims by on-field employees. This would help the organization to save the cost. It also helps the employee to plan and execute the tasks in most organized way.

Along with time tracking, employee location tracking functionality is equally important to supervise the employees tasks and manage them effectively with optimum human resource management.

We have workforce intelligence application which would track employees time and location effectively. Along with that the application renders intelligence/data analysis of on-field employees, this would help the CXO’s to make informed decisions for their business and eliminate loopholes of the business.

Following is the dashboard of Getspot- Workforce Intelligence Application, wherein you can supervise on-field employees tasks/activities in real-time.

Benefits of Workforce Intelligence.

  1. Track employee time and location effectively.
  2. Eliminate time-theft/false claims which is the biggest threat.
  3. Increase productivity of the on-field employees.
  4. Assign and manage tasks efficiently.
  5. Save cost and increase profits.

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