Machine Learning and Deep Learning is the future and the future is already here. Predicting the future has been a coveted skill since time immemorial, but it is only now that technology allows us to truly predict with precision what colour will be in fashion 6 months from now, how a shopper will shop next year, or how technology itself will change with changing times. While Artificial Intelligence has been around for many decades now, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have only come into existence and prominence recently and have ever since become coveted skills that can get you rewarded with a great career, brilliant salary or a super freelance gig. No wonder then that recruitment websites globally are calling these the most sought after skills.

We did exhaustive research and came up with the Best Machine Learning Courses, Best Deep Learning Courses and Best AI Courses which cover various aspects, technologies and programming languages such as Python, R, Deep Learning, Data Science, Scala, Spark 2.0, Neural Networks, Cluster Analysis and much more. Each of these training programs concentrate on different aspects of the subject and you can choose one (or more) depending on what best fits your requirement. Needless to say Machine Learning is a hot favourite when it comes to the job circuit or other career opportunities. Skilled professionals are much sought after all around the world and these courses will help you add the requisite skill set to your professional careers, not just pumping up your CV but truly helping you skill and scale up.

Here are the 7 Best Machine Learning and Deep Learning Courses

1. Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

Let us just begin by absorbing the fact that 75,000+ students have taken this course and it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. No wonder we are beginning by telling you about this one. A Bestselling Course, this is developed by Kirill Eremenko, Data Scientist & Forex Systems Expert and Hadelin de Ponteves, Data Scientist. This course will help you Master Machine Learning on Python and R, make accurate predictions, build a great intuition of many machine learning models, handle specific tools like reinforcement learning, NLP and Deep Learning. Most importantly it teaches you to choose the right machine learning model for each type of problem. Best Part? Some high school mathematics is all you are supposed to know to take up this course. 40 hours of learning, we don’t see what else should we say to make you try this one out. More details here.

2. Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks

Coming by the same two authors of the first one in this list, this Bestselling Course concentrates on Deep Learning. It will help you understand the intuition behind Artificial Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Self Organizing Maps, Boltzmann Machines, Auto Encoders and teach you how to apply them. The thing with AI is, that the more it advances, the more complex become the problems it needs to solve. Deep Learning helps solve such complex problems and that’s why it’s at the heart of Artificial intelligence. This course will get you to the heart of deep learning and at a rating of 4.6 out of 5, we think it is a really good choice for you. More details here.

3. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

‘Data Scientist’ has been ranked as a topmost sought after job on Glassdoor and the average remuneration of a data scientist is above $120,000 in the United States. This comprehensive course will help you understand how to use Python to analyze data, create beautiful visualizations and use powerful machine learning algorithms. You will specifically get to learn how to use NumPy, Seaborn , Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Machine Learning, Plotly, Tensorflow and more. You can find out more here.

4. Data Science and Machine Learning with Python — Hands On!

Frank Kane, the author of this course spent 9 years at Amazon and IMDb, developing and managing the technology that automatically that powers movie and product recommendations which influence millions of people around the world. With that kind of experience, no wonder even Ph.D students like Robert Crabbs are all praises about the program. In technical terms, this training will help you extract meaning from large data sets using a wide variety of data science, data mining and machine learning techniques using Python. Along with that, you will get to apply your learning as well. We think having a closer look at the course structure here will help you.

5. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R

If all the previous courses concentrated on Python, this one is about R. With over 100 lectures and detailed code notebooks, this is one of the most comprehensive course for machine learning and data science. One of the best parts about the course is its instructor. Jose Marcial Portilla, has a BS and MS in Engineering from Santa Clara University and has been working as a professional instructor and trainer for Data Science & programming for many years now.

With his rich experience, you’ll get to learn how to program with R, to create amazing data visualizations, and use Machine Learning with R. You will also learn Programming with R, Advanced R Features, Using R Data Frames to solve complex tasks, using R to handle Excel Files, Web scraping with R, Connecting R to SQL and more. With very good reviews praising the program’s technical aspects, we recommend this one for R fans. Know more here.

6. Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning

This training helps you learn Scala and Spark quickly and easily. It will act as a crash course in Scala Programming, Spark and offer a Big Data Ecosystem overview using Spark’s MLlib for Machine Learning. All that is required to sign up for this training is basic math skills and some programming knowledge in any language. The course comes with full projects helping you analyze financial data and use machine learning. So all those of you interested in Big Data, sign up right here.

7. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

For signing up for this one, you will need to have some understanding of Calculus, Probability, Markov Models, Numpy Stack and some experience with few supervised ML methods. This one is clearly not for the beginners, but for all those looking at some serious insights and preparing for the future, this is it. The coach has trained more than 50,000 students and is reputed for the domain. We’ll let the course itself do the talking right here. The trainer ‘Lazy Programmer’ has many great courses to his name and you may want to have a look at them all here. Some of the titles include Linear Regression in Python, Logistic Regression in Python, Practical Deep Learning in Theano and TensorFlow, Unsupervised Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks in Python Artificial Intelligence.

So that was our take on the Best Machine Learning and Deep Learning Courses which we hope puts you in the fast lane and help you earn those extra dollars. These days everybody needs to skill up to scale up, and such online courses act as the perfect source to do just that.

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