If you’re a content-aware business that understands the impact of content marketing, you can understand the struggle of finding quality content writers. Not only are they very small in number, those with day jobs refuse to do any work and prefer to spend spare time reading. Devilish, indeed!

I’ve been in that boat many times before. I remember when recently I needed a good writer for a very important client project. Extensive search on job portals, social media, and personal networks yielded nothing. Eventually I asked a friend, “Hey, how do I find quality content writers?”. “You don’t,” he replied with a sad look in his eyes, “they don’t exist”.

Now if you too have been defeated several times and accepted the truth that good writers simply don’t exist, cheer up. I believe Contentmart has solved the problem of both quality and quantity when it comes to high-quality content writing. Having posted a couple of projects and found some scintillating writing, I’m a believer.

So how is this platform different from all the other freelancer platforms and content sources? How did they pull it off? I think it mainly comes down to:

The Contentmart Ecosystem
The Contentmart Ecosystem

1. Handpicked writers

My biggest beef with freelancer platforms is the sheer numbers of low-quality writers that just end up wasting all your time. Going through proposals and evaluating writers, takes a lot of time and energy, not to mention skill, and I frankly have better things to do than scan 37 five-page proposals from writers I know nothing about. This is where they have a clear advantage; they do the hard work of contacting, screening and on-boarding writers, so that when they say a particular writer is good, he’s bound to be good.

2. Global reach

Location is the enemy of innovation, and many businesses are paying the price for insisting on local talent. Sure, having someone in front of your eyes is a great comfort, but is that the best talent you can have for the job? Contentmart has writers all over the globe, from various industries, working in different time-zones. And they’re all good. Imagine that for a moment! It’s like a deadly army of ninjas always ready at your command. If you didn’t find the ideal writer locally, go global!

Contentmart Partner Companies
They have multiple partners all over the globe

3. Filter by expertise

This is another major winner. If you’re, say, an agricultural business, you’d most likely have to make do with a generic content writer and hope he picks up the industry trends. Right? Well, actually wrong! Not here, at least. There you’ll find plenty of writers who write only on agriculture, or medicine, or computers, as your need might be.

Verified Writers on Contentmart
Content Writers are verified by the team

4. Many pricing slabs

I’m also happy to see that these folks have taken a balanced approach to content generation. Not all businesses are looking for scintillating, stellar writing and highly researched content. Some are only interested in contesting for keywords and are more concerned with volumes. For such requirements, they offer more affordable price slabs where you find decent writers who can turn in high volumes quickly.

5. Choose your language

Last but not the least is access to bilingual writers who can do foreign language writing. I can’t count the number of frustrated people I’ve met who were looking for Arabic writers. Where do you find a native Arab who speaks flawless English and has a writer’s mind? Just like my friend in the introduction of this article, you might be tempted to give up, but I’d say Contentmart increases your chances many times.

Finally, Contentmart also makes a lot of sense for writers offering their services. Those who have quality and can stick to deadlines don’t need to worry about finding work again. With this safety comes satisfaction, which directly boosts the quality and commitment of the work. If this isn’t a win-win, I don’t know what is!

So a major need has been met in the content market. Businesses don’t have to worry about talent now, and the writers don’t have to worry about payments, rates, and the hassle of hunting for work. I’m almost tempted to say “welcome to the future of content”, but then, these are long-standing problems that were crying out for a solution. Well done guys!

P.S : Contentmart is a #DDPartner

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