Form follows device

Around a year ago the web exploded with stories about responsive webdesign. About how to use media queries and how to give form to content that behaves in a responsive way. Very very interesting. But to me it felt like we were only touching the forefront of something bigger. In my mind this responsive webdesign is only the beginning.

Half a year ago you could hear a new buzz taking shape — the so called conversational ui. And I was hooked. This is it. This new frontier of how to interact with your visitor. Of course there is Siri but that is only a one dimensional way of communicating as it does not have memory. So every contact is a new one. But it lead to the rise of AI based tools for creating a better Conversational Interface.

This interface is rich and intuitive — though a lot is still scripted response. However the direction taken is an interesting one. One platform to unite it all — yep just like One Ring to bind Them All — will lead to a very logical evolution of doing things.

Now you work with fixed third party integrations but would it not be great when you can tell the bot what travel site you always use? What fashion store you always go to? This will make the interface and the conversation even more personal. For now it will this static integration but I see an opportunity here.

But it will all be much more revolutionary I think. Websites, content, stuff — it will all be totally different to what we think now. Sure a website is responsive and you can read stuff now on your mobile but think really think here : is that really what should happen on a mobile?

On a desktop we know what content should look like- you take time to read the information and learn from it or do something else with it like cook a recipe. But not with mobile. I think the way we tread mobile nowadays is actually not the best way. Mobile should stay mobile. Mobile first is a saying we hear a lot these days but if we look a bit more closer to that mobile first means mobile first. What defines a mobile? What is it key functionality? It raison d’etre is to make a phone call right? So make content that follows that rule. What happens next may seem very old fashioned but works brilliantly due to its simplicity. You connect with someone and that person will ask you questions. And based on that a conversation is building up. And at some moment the one you are talking to will say — for example — show me your holiday pictures? and you will upload them. you could ask in return were can i print them best? Oh hang on I’ll check what your favourite store has got on offer…. Ah voila 200 prints for x. Brilliant could you order these for me please? Thanks. What card do want me use? Use this one and have it delivered to my friend at work. Ok.

And all this talking is a chat, a phone call. It can be because in the background all the api’s are connected. My bank. My address book. My favourite stores. That is big data for you. Your way.