Treasury’s New Mobile Payment Apps Provide Solutions for Federal Agencies, Convenience for the Public

Are there any two more infuriating words than “cash only?”

You go to a government facility. You’re already in a bad mood because of the line, and now you’re thwarted by three syllables.

You say to yourself, “Self, how does the Federal government not universally accept credit cards or mobile payments in 2017?!”

Well, we share your concerns. Here at the U.S. Treasury, we’re building simple, secure, and convenient tools for government transactions.

We offer two free mobile applications (for both iOS and Android):

FedRevCollect — Accept Payments Anywhere

Our Agency App lets you scan checks and digital tickets (credit card, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay support is coming later this year.)

Several teams within the Federal government, including the Bureau of Land Management, are currently scanning checks with FedRevCollect.

Public Apps — Meet Your Customers Where They Are

We build configurable pages for your customers to pay in advance and “skip the line” with a digital ticket.

We’re currently onboarding cash flows with the Department of the Interior, U.S. Courts, and the Department of Defense.

Interesting in Piloting?

I have the honor of working with a dedicated team of public servants who make this all possible. We’re looking forward to offering these tools across government. Of the onboarding process, an agency user said:

“Our overall experience while working with the Treasury Staff to implement the Mobile Check Capture Application was great. The process was very well organized, the communication was clear, and the follow-up during the testing period and the actual implementation ensured a successful and smooth deployment.“

Please reach out to your Agency Relationship Manager at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to explore these solutions.

By Joe Edwards

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