Best Predictions for Local SEO moving into 2018


Can you believe that we are almost into the 4th quarter of 2017? 2017 has been a crazy year for SEOs as most years are. But 2017 was especially volatile with the apparent targeting of unnatural or low quality link building with a sudden significant Google algorithm update in early March, which industry people are calling the “Fred Update”.

With this being said, if I had an SEO crystal ball, there would be some definite things I would focus on moving into 2018 based on what that crystal ball tells me. There have been some significant correlations tracked and signs pointing to 2018 being a big year for rapid, Local SEO Services Strategy change. The predictions moving into 2018 for Local SEO will have some new opportunities and avenues to help rank easier but also more competition encroaching upon the Local SEO landscape that all need to get ready for.

Snapchat, Google Voice and Featured Rich snippets will be Huge for Local SEO in 2018

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