What Are The Top 5 Growth Hacking Tools a Growth Hacker Should Use?

Growth Hacking, it’s all the rage and the latest buzz word for marketing and agencies of all sizes to rapidly grow business on a shoestring budget… The tools used for growth hacking is very important for an individual who has serious interest in the growth of a business. No matter how important these tools are to an individual, it would be a waste of time if you use a growth hacking tool blindly on a recommendation without understanding its purpose. It’s important for a growth hacker to learn how to use these tools and how to apply growth hacking techniques… Below are the top 5 growth hacking tools that will help an individual.

User testing


UserTesting.com is a growth hacking tool that gives you an instant feedback from your customers within an hour. It set up various tasks from your customers and provides user satisfaction information in near real time. You can improve the interaction between you and your customers by getting video and written reviews from them. Think of it like a virtual focus group of a target demographic that you can choose and have them test the user experience of your website, video, app etc.



Optimizely is a growth hacking A/B testing tool that deploys instant changes to the landing page of your website with its intuitive multi-variant engagement testing. The tool makes it very easy to start A-B testing of your website landing pages and it helps in generating a more optimized, better converting version of your landing page on automatic pilot. It offers a free service for 30 days, after which you will pay $17/month.



This growth hacking tool is the best tool for finding out why the number of users on your website landing page are not converting into leads. KissMetrics is used to learn more about your user’s activities on your website and it is used to make and break a brand. It is also used to identify where traffics falls off and to fix those issues.

Google Analytics

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This is a growth hacking tool that does need an introduction to readers. Most individuals with a large online presence use this tool. It’s the standard and most widely used analytics platform

Crazy egg

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Crazy Egg is a growth hacking tool that is important for a customer’s experience / user experience UX tracking. It is used to learn more about the behavior of the audience that visits your website to know the hotspots they click most and uses this information for A/B testing. This tool has scroll maps, overlays, and heat maps.


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This growth hacking tool is one of the most unique tools ever. Intercom.io is unique because it encompasses all the tools needed for you to organize your customer engagement, help desk, and email marketing. This tool provides a ton of fully integrated and converged information with reports and statistics.

What Growth Hacking tools do you use and recommend?

- Keith