The DK Guide to Startup and Tech Events 2017 (Part 1: January)

As a startup, events form a large part of our lead generation. There, we said it.

As nice as it is to hear Yancey Strickler extol the virtues of being a socially positive company, events provide a wealth of opportunity for companies who want to spread the word about their product or service, stay ahead of the curve, and meet the right kind of people in their industry.

Last year we attended a fair few tech events around Europe and beyond, but what was most astonishing was just how many we missed because we had no idea that they existed. Well, DK’s FOMO has manifested itself into this: our (far from exhaustive) list of technology and startup events taking place this year, and we’re sharing it with you, because we want you to be there!

For ease, we’ve omitted any events that are invite only.

Let’s Startup 2017

Source: Facebook

What? Startup Workshop and Networking Event

Where? Amsterdam (Netherlands)

When? 13 January

Why? “During this great night out in, all disciplines will come together. From Growth Hacking and UX Design to Virtual Reality and HR Technologies, this event has it all. And while expanding your knowledge and network you can grab a cocktail at the bar, play a game of lasertag or show off your dancing skills. The ones who dare can even get locked up in the Breaking Bad truck, from where only the smartest teams will make their way out…”

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DLD Conference: Digital-Life-Design

Six year old Ethan Ramon showcasing his robot at DLD Tel Aviv 2016. Source: Facebook

What? Tech Conference

Where? Munich (Germany)

When? 15–17 January

Notable Speakers: John Collison (President, Co-Founder of Stripe), Mikael Schiller (Chairman of Acne Studios), Aditya Agarwal (CTO of Dropbox), Caio Koch-Weser (Chairman of the Board of the European Climate Foundation), Margit Wennmachers (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)

Why? It’s been dubbed “The most influential tech conference in Europe” by The Economist, which is a pretty great endorsement.

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StartmeupHK 2017 — The Connected City

Source: Facebook

What? Technology Festival

Where? Hong Kong (China)

When? 16–20 January

Why? Hong Kong’s resources and business community makes it a great place to found a startup. The festival celebrates tech and innovation within the Retail, Fashion, Financial, IoT, and Data spaces.

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Wearable Expo

Source: Facebook

What? The world’s largest wearable device exhibition.

Where? Tokyo (Japan)

When? 18–20 January

Why? Huge wearable industry gathering including technological application within the Med-Tech space, logistics entertainment, and IoT. Watch their show video here.

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Source: Facebook

What? Great Swiss conference that tackles both leadership trends and innovation, and deep insight into the future of the technology industry.

Where? Zurich (Switzerland)

When? 24–26 January

Notable Speakers: Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor of the World Wide Web), Ed Catmull (Co-founder of Pixar, President of Pixar & Disney Animation Studios), Marian Goodell (Founder Member and CEO of Burning Man).

Why? We’ll be there! The calibre of speakers is staggering and it’s going to be a fascinating couple of days at the end of January.

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FETC 2017 Educational Technology Conference

What? Largest independent Ed-Tech conference in the US.

Where? Orlando, Florida (USA)

When? 24–27 January

Why? FETC attracts thousands of future-focused education and technology leaders from around the world wild about integrating tech into the classroom. You could be one of them too!

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BETT Excel London

Source: Facebook

What? Another Ed-Tech conference and exhibition, this time in Europe.

Where? London (UK)

When? 25–28 January

Why? BETT brings together people, ideas, technology and best practices to further our knowledge of education and how to better equip educators to fulfil their potential. 90% of previous attendees agree that BETT is the best place to learn about Ed-Tech, 92% were satisfied with the event, and 82% have placed, or are going to place, orders as a result of their visit. Not bad at all.

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RE:WORK Virtual Assistant Summit

Source: Facebook

What? Self-described ‘opportunity to meet influential technologists, data scientists, world-leading strategists, entrepreneurs and data engineers all in the same room.’

Where? San Francisco, California (USA)

When? 26–27 January

Why? I can’t really say it any better than RE:WORK’s own ‘Convince Your Boss’ info pack so here it is.

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RE:WORK Deep Learning Summit

Source: Facebook

What? RE:WORK’s other summit taking place at the same time and location as the Virtual Assistant Summit.

Where? San Francisco, California (USA)

When? 26–27 January

Why? Their own ‘Convince Your Boss’ document will say it better than me.

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CyberTech TLV


What? Conference & Exhibition presenting commercial problem solving strategies and solutions for the global cyber threat. FAO: finance transportation, utilities, defense, R&D, manufacturing, telecommunication, health and government.

Where? Tel Aviv (Israel)

When? 31 January — 1 February

Why? Check out last year’s highlights. This is a very niche conference.

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