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Let me say this, I am not fond of “white people” but your being just as racist. The problem is that you believe in your perception that the color of your skin is the reason you got treated rude. I grew up in a primarily Black community. I am German, Irish, English, Cherokee, Apache, Comanche and African American. I my look Caucasian but that’s where it ends.

Don’t group anyone ever, I have been treated just like you several times by black people, sister this is not about race, it’s about ignorance.

Did I mention I’m a gay man married to a Jewish man and i am a Christian. You my friend might want to step back, knock the chip off your shoulder and realize, ignorance is not based in color, but lack of education. I find you title offensive, and your article ignorant.

We are all humans and the sooner you stop allowing people to shape your self esteem the sooner you will realize, your acting no better then the racist, ignorant person who waited on you. You both are displaying learned behaviors. You can change. Are you educated enough to realize you could have turned that into a teaching lesson for your server? Nope you choose the victim and race card.

Sister, I’m tired of all humans blaming instead of creating change. It’s not to late for you. So open your mind, soul, and brain and help be the energy that stops all these types of counterproductive stereotyping behaviors and realize maybe just maybe your only making things worse for us all by acting the same way your server did.

We often blame when we see a defect in our own character but can’t face it.