Digital Services Coalition Works to Deliver IT in a New Way to the Federal Government

Digital Services Coalition
3 min readMay 29, 2019

16 agile digital services firms are coming together to form the Digital Services Coalition to bring innovation and agility to government IT contracting.

In the private sector, there is a digital transformation going on with companies implementing Agile methodology to work more efficiently and effectively. But the digital transformation has been slow to arrive to the public sector. The current “big box” contractor model, which often prioritizes risk management and profit, is failing to deliver the kinds of collaboration, transparency, and efficiency that is being seen in the private sector.

“Traditionally, the relationship between government and Industry is often antagonistic and viewed as zero-sum. For a vendor to win, the government must lose, which results in poor outcomes for taxpayers, users and government employees,” said Dan Levenson, Chief Strategy Officer of Agile 6, a founding DSC member. “The DSC is a critical component to reframing this relationship as one team that is built upon meeting a shared definition of success. By focusing on humans first, we can fundamentally transform the working relationship between government and the private sector.”

The Digital Services Coalition is an opportunity to collaborate, not compete. By bringing together forward-thinking small to midsize companies, the DSC is working towards the common mission of serving the American public by improving how government works.

“Our mission is to make government work in a digital world,” said Chris Cairns, managing director of Skylight, a founding member of DSC. “We can’t imagine a better way of doing that than being part of an ecosystem of like-minded companies.”

This digital transformation within the government will have a tangible effect on the lives of all Americans. One day, the hundreds of millions of people who interact with our government can have efficient and effective interactions on their phones, tablets, and computers. By moving paper-based processes to integrated online workflows, the government will work faster and save taxpayers money.

By committing to work together, members of the DSC will support organizations within the government, like USDS and 18F, that are spearheading efforts to improve how the government delivers services to the public. With backing from commercial tech firms sweeping change can be made.

Meet the 16 members of the Digital Services Coalition:

  • 540
  • Ad Hoc
  • Agile Six
  • CivicActions
  • Exygy
  • Fearless
  • Flexion
  • Mediabarn
  • Mo Studio
  • Nava
  • Oddball
  • &Partners
  • Skylight
  • The SO Company
  • STSI
  • Truss

“STSI joined the Digital Services Coalition because each member firm cares a lot about bringing the best in forward-leaning technical practice to government missions,” said Brandy Morrison with Solution Technology Systems. “We felt camaraderie with like-minded companies that value purpose over profit, and focuses on the best outcome for the public.”

Join us and bring change at the federal level. We are currently welcoming small-sized or mid-tier businesses who currently provide services in the public sector or want to do work in the public sector.

Benefits to being a member of the Digital Services Coalition include access to the DSC network, GovCon education, and inclusion on a list of “approved vendors” for Government and Large Businesses.

“For the government to work as best it can for all Americans, we need to prioritize purpose over profit and focus on community instead of an individual win,” said Fearless founder and DSC member, Delali Dzirasa. “The Digital Services Coalition is an opportunity to bring real change and bring us all closer for true digital transformation.”



Digital Services Coalition

We are a collection of agile technology and design firms that serve — or aspire to serve — the government. Change is hard.