I’ve Declared War on Mickey Mouse

image of tom and jerry

No, not THE Mickey Mouse of Disney fame, the Mickey Mouse of Cyprus fame.

I was minding my own business making a cup of tea for my wife, before I started to make the breakfast, when I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. It’s been acting up for a while so I opened the cupboard where we keep the medicines to find some deep-heat for my shoulder. I put my hand into the box and out jumped a mouse!

I shut the door, swore, had a heart attack, swore again and declared war on Mickey. I went to my computer to find a humane trap for the little bugger. And I’ve found the ideal thing… I hope. Though the backup plan is one from Amazon, just in case!

Now I’m not a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, but even I have found creating my prototype pretty simple.

So now I need a squared off bottle of water and some chocolate and then tonight, we set our trap…

Tom Kane (c) 2016