Life, the Universe, Aliens and TV Talent Shows

aliens view earth

At less than one chance in about 10 billion trillion for humans to be the only civilisation in the universe, NASA have indicated that there’s more chance we are not alone than any of us imagined.

With that thought, there comes another worrying thought. What if aliens, far in advance of our civilisation, are tuning into our earthly game shows, talent shows and reality shows on TV? Would they look at such stuff as an aberration or maybe just a worrying trend? Or would they see such entertainment as pure drivel and the ultimate proof there is no sentient life on earth? If aliens came to the conclusion there is no intelligent life on earth would they decide to colonise our planet?

The chances of an invasion are also probably 10 billion trillion to one against. What’s more worrying is the chance of Donald Trump becoming the next president and Miss Universe becoming must watch TV by law. The mind boggles!

Tom Kane © 2016
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