Living in Cyprus: My Wife Likes Watching Me Screw

Yeah, I know what you were thinking, but this sort of screwing needs a screwdriver! But never mind, read on.

It was birthday time at the end of January, mine to be precise, and my wife got two presents for me. One arrived in time but the other was lost in the Cypriot postal system. No big deal, happens all the time and if I were lucky it would turn up for my next birthday. But my wife is dogged and she found out, eventually via Amazon’s tracking system, that the package had been delivered and signed for!

Long story short, it was actually on the island and someone, other than either of us, had signed for it. Eventually we tracked it down to the main post office in Larnaca. The box, when it was retrieved from the mass piles in the corner, was, to say the least, quite large. My wife had indicated it would be quite small, but nope, it was quite big.

Now some of you may remember my posting here after we visited IKEA a couple of years ago. Well, this time it was not two pieces of furniture I was putting together, but it would be a similar experience though slightly more complicated as the instructions were simply a picture indicating what to do. What the picture didn’t show was how you had to put several screws into pieces after A had been clipped to B and so on. So Tuesday ended up a screwing day.

But the end result is a great looking bird-bath-watering-hole-planter that will fit nicely into my home-made rockery.

All we need now is a few birds to use it… but they’re avoiding it like the plague at the moment!

I have however come to the conclusion my wife buys me presents that have to be screwed together, simply to watch me put it together upside down, backwards and indeed miss bits out… why are there always bits left over?

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