Living in Cyprus: Screwed Again!

image of a screw in a tyre

If DIY (Do It Yourself) ever becomes compulsory in Cyprus I’m joining a monastery. There a monastery down the road atop a big mountain, so that’s where I’m headed if anyone tells me I have to do more screwing.

Cyprus, it seems, is full of screws. They are everywhere, including our front off-side tyre… thank you very much whoever dropped that in the road. It’s not small either and currently it’s the only defence I have between going out shopping, visiting or whatever or staying at home and staring out the window. In Cyprus, you can’t manage without your own transport.

So, like the lemon I am. I tried to remove the screw by unscrewing it. Made sense to me at the time, until I heard a loud hiss. There are venomous snakes in Cyprus so I stop and listened. The hiss continued and my tyre looked unhappy. I screwed it back up (told you screwing was prevalent in my life) and made an appointment to get my tyre looked at while it is serviced tomorrow.

I hate mucking about with screwdrivers or any type of tools. Give me a computer and I’m as happy as Larry.

I’ll stick to my day job and leave the screwing to experts.

image for book cover Living in Cyprus 2015

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