Living in Cyprus: Signs of Corruption?

image of a Filipino Road Sign
A Filipino Road Sign

I’m writing this piece with my tongue firmly in my cheek as I’m not sure if this is a late April Fool wind-up or if Cyprus has caught the nutty Trump false news infection.

It would appear a business in Cyprus, that makes road signs, has been ripping off customers, including the government, by inflating prices for signs they make. Simply done if you charge a sign by the letter used, you just add a few extra letters to the bill but not the actual sign. It’s not hard to do, especially if some of the signs are in English as well as Greek. I’ve seen signs on roads that warn “pedestrians offen use this road” or “beware the slipery road” so I’m not surprised a business hit upon the idea of ripping off customers.

What did surprise me was the sums involved in this scam, up to 300,000 Euros and the fact the accused were granted legal aid to fight the case. Doh!

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