Living in Cyprus: The FREE Book

image of Crown Horizon Hotel, Coral Bay, Cyprus
Crown Horizon Hotel, Coral Bay, Cyprus

One of the best things about Living in Cyprus is the ability write about the experiences we have had living here. From one of our earliest experiences, a flying dog, to the latest a lemon tree producing oranges.

We perhaps notice these oddities more because we are English and w’re living in a country that can be… different. So much so I’ve made my blogs into inexpensive books. From 2013 to 2015, the books are packed with not only odd stories, but information on how Living in Cyprus can be crazy, mad and downright strange sometimes. And it’s FREE!


Best of all, the 2015 version is FREE, yes, FREE!
 In fact, it’s so popular it’s №21 in the Europe Travel section of Amazon Kindle books. Get your free copy on kindle by clicking the big yellow button below and, look out for the 2016 edition out in January 2017.

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