The United States of Chaos

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I’m not a political person and certainly know very little about American politics. But almost 100 days into Donald Trump’s Presidency and I’m hooked on this political soap opera. Well, it would be a soap opera if Trump’s crazy antics weren’t affecting people’s everyday lives and in some cases even ripping families apart. We read every day of the latest nonsense to which Trump and his team are subjecting the hapless people of America. Why oh why did the American people vote him into power? Well, I’ve just read a great book by Charles P. Pierce called Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free. Now I can see how it was possible for Trump to become the President. Read it if you want a little insight into how some people think outside the box and, in some cases, outside the know universe.

My readers will know I’m an Englishman living in Cyprus. Cyprus is an unassuming lovely little island in the eastern Mediterranean, only about 30 minutes from Syria by air. Trump’s antics aren’t always reported in Cyprus newspapers and then only the mainstream stuff. But if you watch The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC in the US you will be aware that Cyprus, a Cypriot bank in particular, has been accused of being at the centre of the Trump-Russia connection. The explicit accusation is to do with money laundering for Russian Oligarch’s and their connection to Trump and/or his team.

Personally I’m keeping an open mind, but my take on all this is that Trump’s attempt to win the Presidency started out as a huge ego trip on his behalf. I don’t think he believed he had a snowball’s hope in hell of winning. But when he did win, he and his team were ill prepared for government. What happened after the transition of power was a muddle, putting it mildly. And almost 100 days later it’s an even bigger muddled mess. But collusion with Russia? Well, maybe. But to me it seems there are three games at play here.

  1. One of Trump’s team were sacked for being ‘in bed’ with a foreign power. Several others are being investigated. That much is known.
  2. Then there is the political ideology of Steve Bannon at work. The loose cannon.
  3. And finally we have Trump bringing in his daughter and son-in-law to his team.

Think of it as a three-way tug of war, with each party going off on its own agenda and the poor White House staff and the likes of Sean Spicer left to clean up the mess caused by a completely clueless administration with nobody at the helm.

Now we have the wonderful spectacle to look forward to of nothing being done by this administration during its term of office. No wall (thank goodness, no repeal of Obamacare (thank goodness) and certainly no changes in tax.

I’ll make a prediction here. I think Donald Trump will resign before the end of his Presidency. After all, who would have thought that running the country would be so hard? Everybody, Donald, everybody except you, it seems.

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