We’ve dodged cringey April Fools’ gags from brands all day. Here’s your running list of what worked — and what definitely did not.

Ah, April Fools’ Day. That time of year when a brand’s token Millennial creatives can be taken down from the shelf and properly used.

And — much like the Super Bowl — marketing agencies staying out of the festivities will write cheesy lists of their favorite April Fools’ Day pranks, gags, and gifs for the next week.

(Hey, at least we’re self-aware.)

An increasing number of businesses want to get on the April Fools’ day fun, but the attempts normally look a lot like this:


“But wait, you mean dad jokes on the internet aren’t funny? Or an opposites…

Differentiating yourself from the competition sometimes means using different tools.

“flat lay photo of four person holding smartphone and book” by rawpixel on Unsplash

If you’ve been in Digital Marketing more than a month, there’s a chance you’re already familiar with the biggest names in MarTech. SEMRush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs — these are what marketers cut their teeth on.

But the wide world of SEO and MarTech goes far beyond MailChimp or Salesforce. Here are some ‘secret’ tools every Marketer should know about:

Lighthouse Chrome Extension

This free tool runs a quick scan on any website to give a rapid-fire diagnostic. Metrics include performance, accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and structured data. It also checks to see how well your applied best practices to website content.


GTMetrix is a favorite…

Why America’s grizzled literary icon shouldn’t influence your content marketing strategy.

Hemingway aboard the Pilar, off the Cuban coast circa 1950. (Credit: JFK Presidential Library and Museum)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a content-creating ‘thought leader’ with aspirations of Medium grandeur must be in possession of a single piece of advice.

(Said advice can be found here and here and here and here and here.)

However little known the feelings of truly educated content marketers might be on first reading this abhorrent advice, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of clap-hungry “creatives” and “innovators” that it’s considered a rightful statement in any content piece:

“Write like Hemingway.”

(Pardon me while I dust off my B.A. with Honors in English Literature.)

Not only does…

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” — Bill Gates

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Ask any Millennial or Gen Z-er to give you a social media faux pas, and they might say constantly finding yourself in heated Facebook political rants or double posting on the same day to Instagram.

These social media don’ts change more often than Facebook’s privacy policies, and it can be a lot for any marketing team to keep track of — especially if they’re not equipped with members of their target demographic on their team.

However, your business shouldn’t use social media as the only way to reach those 25 and under. In 2017, 81 percent of the entire U.S…

“I know words, I have the best words.” — Your Website, probably

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash

Words matter. The words you associate with your organization, website, and overall branding strategy matter.

One of the biggest elements in successfully managing those words is through an effective Content Marketing strategy.

(If you’ve never heard of “Content Marketing” prior to this moment, welcome to 2018! We’re glad you could join us! Now, pause reading this article and check out the Content Marketing 101 guide from the brilliant minds at Content Marketing Institute. When you’re done, come on back.)

TL;DR: Content marketing works as a lead generation strategy because it gives to prospects rather than asking them for something.


“The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable marketers, see if they could become something more.” — Nick Fury, CEO

For over 10 years, Marvel Cinematic has curated some of the best cinematic experiences to ever hit theaters thanks to one group of characters: the Avengers.

The team debuted in 1963 from the imaginative pens of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Since that time, the name has evolved to include a variety of superheroes — each filling a specific need for a story arc or to foil a new villain.

Create scalable tracking URLs by understanding the keys to effective UTM tag management.

Photo by Hack Capital on Unsplash

Clients over the years during our onboarding process have asked me to review their website analytics and sometimes what I see is absolutely staggering.

Even though they start off with the best intentions, their tracking data is never quite right.

Most commonly, I see bots giving erroneous data, internal traffic not being blocked, and a UTM naming convention that is confusing to just about anyone who was not involved in the actual setup.

This guide is designed to help you correct your own UTM issues while offering some best practices to future proof your analytics against future errors. …


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