5 ‘Secret’ SEO Tools to Make Digital Marketing Easier

Differentiating yourself from the competition sometimes means using different tools.

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If you’ve been in Digital Marketing more than a month, there’s a chance you’re already familiar with the biggest names in MarTech. SEMRush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs — these are what marketers cut their teeth on.

But the wide world of SEO and MarTech goes far beyond MailChimp or Salesforce. Here are some ‘secret’ tools every Marketer should know about:

Lighthouse Chrome Extension

This free tool runs a quick scan on any website to give a rapid-fire diagnostic. Metrics include performance, accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and structured data. It also checks to see how well your applied best practices to website content.


GTMetrix is a favorite free tool to check the speed of your websites. It simultaneously reports on PageSpeed Insights and YSlow while also allowing you to compare your site to a competitor’s side by side. The waterfall tool also can show you the places where your site is having page load issues and quickly identifies the improvements that you can make along with the benefits you’ll realize by taking the time to fix the issues.


DeepCrawl is an incredibly powerful tool for monitoring your site on a regular basis and also for understanding the architecture of a large site. As its name suggests, the crawl dives deep into the data. It allows SEOs to spend more time understanding the data, making and implementing recommendations to improve the site rather than in just mining the data. The time saved by using this tool is worth way more than the $89/month starting price.

Google Search Console

Don’t sleep on Google Search Console! It’s easy to get lost in meta titles, H1s or keyword densities. But Google Search Console frees up marketers to see where a site shows up on Google searches with specific stats.

Find a discrepancy between what you are ranking for compared to what you want to be ranking for? The Search Console helps you strategize the best way to fix that.

Google Sheets

Finally, a must for anyone who works in a team on their SEO is Google Sheets. The sad reality of SEO is that it is very much data-driven, and with data comes spreadsheet. Sure, there are a lot of free templates and services for creating spreadsheets. But only Google Sheets give you the freedom to collaborate in real time with other team members. No more frustration that comes with realizing you edited the old version of a document; everyone works on the latest version with Google Sheets.

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Wes Marsh serves as the Director of Digital Marketing for DigitalUs as well as Solodev, a content management system company. For more marketing insights, follow Wes on Twitter at @wesmarshdigital.