Can a single vendor produce a functional digital workplace?

Nigel Davies
Jul 2, 2015 · 2 min read

Claromentis yesterday announced the release of the new Claromentis Digital Workplace.

This framework comprises four major platforms in an integrated environment with a single permission system and a consistent and attractive user experience.

The framework provides:

A Comprehensive Intranet
Business process Management
Project Management ( the newest addition )
Learning Management

The goal being that 80% of users can accomplish 80% of their work within this environment, and also manage access to other specialist and legacy systems through identity management.

A key challenge now is going to be whether this approach can avoid becoming another bloated, expensive system with too much functionality and clutter for any company to realistically absorb.

There are some positive indications that his might be possible.

1 The user experience is attractive and modern — similar to a consumer computing experience.
2 There are individual interfaces that the user can switch between to help focus on their current work need.
3 These are platforms not applications — so they still provide access to other relevant information such as social feeds, knowledge base articles, questions and staff experts.
4 Fully responsive designs, hosted and perpetual models combined with mobile applications support the access anywhere and any device fundamentals of the digital workplace of the future.

As the company continues to move forwards and in particular as customers start to adopt this workplace, it will be interesting to see if the original vision of clarity across such a broad functional set can be maintained.

Nigel Davies

Written by

Working hard on researching and creating the ideal digital workplace. Founder and CEO of Claromentis.

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