Representing a Digital Workplace in an Image

Nigel Davies
Jun 19, 2015 · 2 min read

The DigitalWorkplace story is multifaceted and potentially confusing. So any take on it that simplifies and sheds light is welcome. The natural alignment of a digital workplace with the human drivers to share, work smarter, learn new things and get the job done has produced a series of images that for me really strike home.

Expressed with figures and colours representing each platform.

This is a complex system and breaking it down into clear focus platforms really helps the clarity of the concept.

As a pure image with icons representing the major Claromentis platforms and the clutter removed.

Adding explanatory text and animation produces the final representation as used on the digital workplace overview page.

    Nigel Davies

    Written by

    Working hard on researching and creating the ideal digital workplace. Founder and CEO of Claromentis.

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