Fire in the distance

If any of you are involved in the “gaming community” in any sense, then you probably have seen a few people (at least) playing Firewatch.

While I have read a few things about this game being “too short” or “not engaging”, I frankly can’t see it.

This game starts by getting you into the life and mindset behind Henry. His relationship with his wife and ultimately her disease.

After picking a few choices and learning some background you are left standing outside of your Watch Tower. Climbing some stairs and flicking a switch for the generator leaves you with a sassy voice coming out of your radio, which belongs to your boss Delilah.

Throughout this entire adventure and aside from picking up turtles (I named mine Shelly Duvall), the radio and Delilah’s voice are your only companions. With quirks, questions you’ll answer and swearing like a sailor, your character will form a relationship with this disembodied voice, through mystery, history and injuries.

Now, avoiding all spoilers, this game hooks you. For some it is the environment. Others, the subtle music and atmosphere. For me it was Delilah (voiced by Cissy Jones). Somehow, sorcery I assume, I became emotionally invested in the story. I became Henry. I was dealing with the hardships of my wife’s disease, my choices for good or bad and ultimately my “escaping” into the wilderness. The story was happening to Delilah and I. At parts I was furious, upset, happy and panicked.

It had been a very long time since a game had me so invested so quickly into the story and characters or left me so drained when it concluded. While my experience may not be everyones, I can tell you it was fantastic and I wouldn’t doubt seeing that across the board.

You can pick up Firewatch at a discount right now on Steam and PSN, though I am sure there are other mediums for it.

Thanks to you all for reading. Be responsible and vigilant.

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