New Month — Welcome September

All, a bunch of us took advantage of August and finished summer STRONG! September is a new month with great opportunities. I always look to help educate others, and use my opinions as a resource. I have instilled some personal goals for September that I would LOVE for you all to take on as well.

30 Blogs in 30 Days

Consistency is always the key in content creation. This is why posting 30 blogs in the month of September will be my current goal. No it does not mean a blog a day, but I want to make sure there are equal amount of posts for days of the month.

What will I be writing about? As always: all things digital, personal experiences, rants, raves, and any other hot topics that pop up!

Is this an impossible feat? Absolutely not, but it is a great exercise to turn into a content machine. So comment below if YOU are joining the challenge and share your blog as well.


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