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Putting Twitter on Auto-Pilot doesn’t make you an expert

When it comes to the social media landscape Twitter and I have a love/hate relationship. Ilove the capabilities of listening in on ANY conversation, I love that I can get sports news in 140 characters or less, but I hate the experts that use it. Especially those who simply put it on auto-pilot.

We have already discussed in length my hatred for marketers and how they ruined Twitter. I also conquered one of the most idiotic strategies of scheduling your social media posts. And lets not forget that I covered how to spot a fraud on in the first place.

This will be a quick rant on the market experts who feel automation is a “life-saver” and heck, some of them even put it on their essential “formula” to dominate Twitter. If by dominate you mean annoy insomniacs like myself that all I see are your useless Twitter-cards then yeah, dominate you are.

So often now I am getting automated Direct Messages with rhetorical questions or 500 character pitches. Couple that with an extensive rotation of awful quotes and “6 Ways” blog posts, and yes you do have a special sauce for a crappy social presence on Twitter. It is Social Media! It is about interaction. Not standing in one place shouting buy my stuff. It is too noisy and no one will hear you. On the flip-side if people are using Twitter the correct way, through the search feature, no one is looking for your stuff either. I will say this once and trust me. NO ONE IS CLICKING HASHTAG QUOTE ON TWITTER. EVER. Turn off the once an hour quote jukebox, which was the dumbest plugin/app ever made for the platform and start saying something useful.

Tell me what you ate for dinner, or do you not eat anything? Take a picture of a book your reading, or a podcast you listening to, or do you not do either. Let us know what you are working on, or actually thank someone for following you. Be a human. Chances are if you are a digital marketing “Expert”, you probably aren’t The Rock or Taylor Swift in the follower-count game. So you have no reason to NOT interact with every single person that mentions or follows you.

Want an example? I joined SnapChat a week ago, and follow the amazing Grant Cardone. I snapped a video to Mr. Cardone (360k Followers) of me watching his AMAZING“Whatever It Takes” program on GrantCardoneTV.com. What happened next? He replied with a simple “Thanks share to everyone”. Wow.

Something funny? After a stroll in lovely NYC I could have sworn I just breezed passed the lovely and talented Taryn Southern (86k Twitter Followers, Half a Million YouTube Subs if you have never seen her, check her channel out). I sent out a general tweet, knowing that she is based out of L.A. so it being her would have been a long-shot. But hey, she actually responded:

Want more? Look at the below exchange between me and Gary Vaynerchuk last week on Twitter, oh yea and he has 1.26 Million Followers and still interacts more than any “expert” I know, go figure:

Bottom line is you are missing opportunities by leaving the cockpit and throwing Twitter on auto-pilot. Sometimes you have to steer your brand into a different direction, or actually build on criticism. No one is giving you a gold star for having 100k Tweets in which 90% of it is useless. Take control of your brand, control your twitter. Retweeting, Responding, “Hearting”, and just saying Thank You take just as quick as saying those words out loud. Be better.

Mentioned in this blog: Grant Cardone, Taryn Southern, Gary Vaynerchuk, My own twitter account and countless numbers of social experts who have sucked the life out of Twitter.

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