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If that headline didn’t get your attention I don’t know what will. Well, maybe the photo of Ron Popeil, famous for the line from the Showtime Rotisserie Oven TV Promo.

And that is what’s wrong with Marketers, Self-Proclaimed Social Media “Experts”, and Twitter and Facebook Guru’s. I have stressed it time and time again, that these marketers flat out suck and have ruined social media as a whole. They feel accomplished because they signed up for an automation tool that will spew out their crappy quotes or boring “Top 5” blog posts, or a redundant “How To” post. They literally, “Set It & Forget It”.

Fast forward to the past 30 Days here on planet earth, filled with tragedies all across the world. You would think we would log on to Twitter and see some compassion by these marketers, but no, we get links for their blogs and “hey sign up for my podcast instead”. I won’t mention anyone by name but it was an absolute joke especially those who supply awful quotes as part of the Tweet Rotisserie.

Funny thing is some of these people had no idea what was going on in the real world. Those select few who were up to date, COULDN’T PAUSE THEIR AUTOMATION. Shame on both them, for thinking social automation was a good idea, but the app developers who didn’t have an exit strategy in the event something like this happened. I know for a fact one of the brand did offer to pause your scheduled tweets, but again I am not even going to mention them because I think the idea of a method of scheduling is pathetic.

These marketers feel like they are on top of the game and are saving time with scheduled tweets. The worst part is most of the tweets are links promoting their articles, products, or podcasts. To be blunt, social media platforms are not and should not be treated as distribution areas. Some of the worst marketers take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and just see them as more places to push people to click their links. There isn’t any listening or interaction, the just “Set It & Forget It”.

I do have strict rules when it comes to following people, especially on Twitter, so some of this automation I cannot get away from. But use your head people, sometimes tweeting with personality goes a longer way than just shooting out links and the same rhetorical questions that even if someone replies to you, you will never interact with. Heck, take out “schedule tweets to save time” as one of your crappy tips.

Wake up, smash that rotisserie grill and stop ruining everything with your automation. Comment below if you have any experience with a tragic event that happened and you still noticed people auto-posting.

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