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Promote your business through Facebook. Seems interesting? Ok. Let’s continue through how to promote your business through Facebook. Currently, Social media is one of the most valuable places where people visit. You can say, it is the popularity of social networks so that more than 200 social networks exists today with a combined traffic of 1.96 Billion. In 2018, this figure is expected to reach up to 2.44 billion.

Out of these 200 large social networks, Facebook comes on the top with 1.29 Billion users and 30 Million brands using each quarter. Now you can just think of the capacity of Facebook for business. Only in Latin America, more than 230Million people use Facebook which is expected to reach at 290 Million by 2018. So if you are targeting just Latin America, see how much Facebook can give you.

But getting best out of Facebook is not that easy. I have seen many brands ruled out due to some mistakes. Facebook keeps on taking different algorithms and updates to their marketing and analytic strategy and each business owners should work in a way to adapt those changes.
Recently one of the blogs, Viral Nova sold out for 100 Million and major of its success was from Facebook traffic. They were getting millions of traffic just from Facebook and so they succeed. If you can also use Facebook in a better way and know how the things go on, you can also get most out of it.
Today I am going to discuss few points which will help you to promote your business on Facebook on a better way.

Top 5 Tips to promote your business on Facebook like a Boss
1. Create a Memorable Brand
This is the first thing that you should take care. It’s well said that “What is seen is sold”. Provide value through your Facebook pages. Use eye-catching and meaningful graphics to attract users.

2. Keep it Up to Date
If you developed a good page but not updating it, it’s of no use. It has been seen that 57% of Facebook users don’t value the inactive pages. So keep on updating the page and provide quality info. If you don’t have anything to say, just post your news or some resource articles.

3. Ask Questions
Have you seen pages/profile having millions of likes/friends and engagement almost NILL? Why so?
This is because the owner is unable to engage their followers. You should ask questions to keep your readers engaged. Again don’t ask the questions which will take more than 10 seconds for your followers to answer else they will neglect it.
You can also host some giveaway to keep your engagements alive.

4. Praise your followers
Thanking someone for just small kind of work is a best practice to make a relation. On social media, we don’t see anyone but still sell…right? So how people believe us. For this try to make relationships.
When somebody like your post/status/page or comment, Thank him/her, answer their comments. By this way, you can make a healthy relationship with the users and can make a good impact which will help most while selling.

5. Sell Wisely
This is your ultimate goal but don’t start selling from the start itself. No one is going to buy. First make an impression, take your potential buyer in confident and then start pitching. You will definitely make a good sell.
Wrapping it up!
Facebook is one of the biggest and potential social marketplaces to boost your business. All you have to do is take steps wisely and start succeeding. I hope you are now clear with how to promote your business through Facebook.

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