What are your recommended best practices to get from “sage on the stage” to a facilitated learner…
Amber Tanaka

1) Time

2) Scaffolding

3) Procedures

4) Consistency

Learner-centered doesn’t happen right away. It’s something that requires planning and consistency. Students naturally gravitate towards a teacher-led classroom because it requires the least amount of thought. They take notes, internalize, and come back the next day. Unfortunately, few students do that middle part of internalizing, which therefore, makes the “sage on the stage” ineffective. Some of the strategies to promote a learner-centered environment is to create activities everyday where students are required to collaborate. They have to buy in to the philosophy just like the teachers in a building. They have to see the benefit to what they’re doing. Making sure that there is a blended learning environment is another best practice. Students should have choice as to how they want to accomplish the daily learning objective for that day. This requires an unbelievable amount of planning, and this may not be a possibility everyday, but if they see the benefit, they may do some of the planning on their own. Again, time, scaffolding, procedures, and consistency. I hope this helps, Amber. Thank you for reading the article!

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