Day One at Medium

I have had this urge for a long time to put down my thoughts into a regular blog which could then be put out to the world. Being a designer, one primary requirement that preoccupied my initial thoughts was that it had to look good, presented well and also be unique.

I had been dabbling with Medium for some time and thought it looked pretty close to what I had in mind. Hence today being the first day of a New Year, I decided to properly look into what choices I really had. This short note with the non-descript image above of #Khajuraho temple is my attempt at exploring and finding all options this platform offers.

So on the last paragraph I figured we could add an image pretty easily by clicking the + sign that appears everytime we hit enter. Seems like we could even postion the image either center aligned or right and left aligned. Let me try that once more.

An unknown bird spotted at the Khajuraho temples complex.

Seems like the paragraph spacings are already embedded into the code and hence we always get the exact same spacing when we hit enter. Anyway the image position settings allows for text running around the image as well, like we have going on here with the image on the left and text on the right.

Notice that the + sign does allow for videos to be added as well. Let me give it a try here. Okay, so it (+ sign) did not appear here, meaning the option is not available for half-columns of text. Does it allow for two images side by side. Let me try that next on this practice run here.

Remnants from the Xmas celebrations a few days back.

Ok it did not work. Medium allows for only one image added to a column and that too left aligned. So my assumption in the third paragraph above is not correct. However I do like the flow of text and image and how it tends to organize things to the simplest denominator and yet keeping it pretty.

Double clicking on the image or text blocks gives additional formatting or editing options. For text the option are Bold, italics, link, capitalize, increase text size for an entire paragraph, add quotation for an entire paragraph, and add private note option. Not sure how that really works. Let me try it out next.

This is a lame attempt at beginning my blog but it is what I am. May be lame for some, could be interesting and true for others. Let me try adding the private note thingy to this and see how it goes.

Ok I added a note to myself above and then added private note option to it, but it still seems to be showing here. I thought the idea is that these notes will not show to everyone. May be once I publish this and log out it will not show. Will see.

Well seems like I have figured the basics of formatting my blog note on Medium already. That was pretty quick and goes to show how organized the platform is.

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