15 Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try

Lead Generation

The whole lead generation process is tough — especially when you only rely on traditional methods. Sending cold emails and scraping together lists can be incredibly demoralizing because, let’s face it — most of those people don’t really want to talk to you.

What if you could still reach your lead generation goals using methods that actually add value for your prospects?

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This utopia of lead generation is, in fact, a possibility. To walk you through some of the different options, we’ve detailed several examples of modern lead generation methods below. These ideas provide valuable information to prospects that helps them instead of pushing them to buy from your brand.

How to Generate Leads: 15 Tried-and-True Lead Generation Ideas

1) Collect and share success secrets from thought leaders
2) Make awesome Help videos to solve an issue for prospects
3) Create a quiz
4) Provide best practices for a challenging tactic
5) Show what’s working for you
6) Create a useful spreadsheet
7) Offer a deep-dive answer for a tough question
8) Create a worksheet that simplifies a process
9) Create a list of useful tools
10) Compile examples for people to learn from
11) Create a valuable email course
12) Host a giveaway
13) Create a template to simplify an everyday process
14) Offer a free trial
15) Make a checklist