DigitasLBi Partners with Baskin-Robbins to Launch New, Personalized Mobile App

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-DigitasLBi partnered with Baskin-Robbins to launch the brand’s first personalized mobile app. It is available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

- The new Baskin-Robbins mobile app gives customers the opportunity for personalization and events-marketing outside the traditional calendar, such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other events and milestones specific to individual customers. The app is designed to provide guests a fast and convenient way to enjoy their favorite frozen treats and provide the ultimate customer experience.

-In addition to personalized deals, ice cream fans can use the app to pay for their favorite flavors, frozen beverages and ice cream cakes with a Baskin-Robbins card, and can also send virtual Baskin-Robbins cards to friends and family by text or email.

- To celebrate the August 1st launch, guests will receive a mobile offer for a free regular 4 oz. scoop of their favorite ice cream when they download the app.

- The app’s interactive features include:

- Access deals and coupons: App users will receive various mobile coupons and deals; including deals that are only available through the app and those personalized for the individual.

- Purchase and reload Baskin-Robbins cards and send to friends and family: Guests can add existing virtual Baskin-Robbins cards, purchase new ones directly from the app and add money to an existing card. They can also purchase virtual Baskin-Robbins cards and share them with friends and family.

- Current and upcoming promotions and events: Guests can stay informed on various Baskin-Robbins promotions and events throughout the year, including the current Flavor of the Month. Most importantly, they can create personalized events and reminders.

- Locate the nearest Baskin-Robbins shop: A detailed store locator makes it easy to find directions and information about local Baskin-Robbins locations, including shop hours, online cake ordering availability, product offerings and more.

- Browse the menu and view nutrition information: App users can easily browse the menu, including the brand’s classic and new ice cream flavors and frozen treats. Guests can also view nutrition facts for their favorite Baskin-Robbins products.

-DigitasLBi created the Baskin-Robbins mobile app’s digital strategy, experience design, interaction design, visual design, content strategy, and content creation. The app is powered by Tillster, the leading provider of restaurant digital ordering and customer engagement products and services.


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