ANN: DigixDAO Ongoing Development Proposal for Carbon Vote 2 [Updated]

Digix Writer
Aug 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Link to the Carbon Vote 2 site

Digix is calling for a second Carbon Vote for the disbursement of USD 20MM from the DigixDAO Crowdsale funds for ongoing development works, including DigixDAO governance platform development completion, technical and infrastructure maintenance, legal and regulatory compliance, operational staffing, marketing and overseas expansion plans.

You will find our proposal attached on the carbon voting site. In the proposal, we lay out our broad plan of how we will utilise the funds, the rationale for the request and how we will conduct the vote.

More information can be accessed on the Carbon Voting site.

AMA Reddit Channel

We will leave an open Reddit Channel, for questions pertaining to the DigixDAO Carbon Vote 1 & 2 open for the next 2 weeks here. Please head over to ask questions.

Materials for reference in the Carbon Voting 2

  1. Carbon Vote 2 Proposal IPFS Link

2. DigixDAO Work in Progress Tab

  • UI Mockups on the governance platform
  • Smart Contracts Testing Video

3. Message from the team

Timeline and Rules

  • The voting phase is from 20th August 2018 4:00 UTC to 4th September 2018 4:00 UTC (“decision point”).
  • Voters vote for either Yes or No.
  • Each Ethereum address can vote and change their vote anytime during the voting phase. Only the last vote counts.
  • The votes will be weighted accordingly to the DGD balance in the voter’s address at the “decision point”. This means that voters can transfer DGDs in and out of their voting address freely during the voting phase, but the balance that will ultimately count towards their vote is the balance at 4th September 2018 4:00 UTC.
  • Hence, a voter can also vote with an Ethereum address with 0 DGD, and only transfer his DGDs into the address before 4th September 2018 4:00 UTC.
  • Participants in this carbon vote will be awarded a certain amount of reputation points when DigixDAO is live.
  • The proposal is considered passed if the % of DGDs that voted Yes is more than 51% of the amount of DGDs voted.
  • The sum of all voters’ DGD balance must exceed 300,000 DGDs for the vote to be considered valid.

Reputation bonus for carbon voting participants

To incentivise participation, we will be rewarding users who participate in the carbon vote with a fixed amount of initial reputation points when the DigixDAO contracts launch, if they use the same address to register.

Carbon voting instructions:

  • You can only vote using one of the following Ethereum wallets: JSON wallet file, ledger wallet, metamask, imToken or trezor
  • You cannot vote from an exchange wallet or any other wallets.
  • Note for ledger wallets: you will need to enable both browser support and contract data on your ledger’s Ethereum wallet settings.

Video Tutorial for DigixDAO Carbon Vote 2 using Ledger:

Video Tutorial for DigixDAO Carbon Vote 2 using MetaMask:

Beware of scams:

  • Please note that you don’t need to send DGDs out of your wallet in this carbon voting.
  • The only place where you should vote is on our website, at this link. Please double check that the domain is
  • Any other websites or places that ask you to send out your DGDs for this carbon voting will be scams.

We always appreciate feedback from the community on any angles, so do drop us a note or join our channels below:

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