Announcing Kovan — A Stable Ethereum Public Testnet

The ten organisations that collaborated on Kovan testnet are:

  • Digix — Asset Tokenisation Platform
  • Etherscan — Ethereum Block Explorer
  • Parity Technologies — Developer of the Parity Ethereum Client
  • Attores — Smart Contracts as a Service Provider
  • Maker — Stablecoin Platform
  • OneBit by TenX — Real world payments with Blockchain Assets
  • Blockchain Industries — Blockchain Consultants
  • MelonPort — Digital Asset Management Platform
  • Nivaura — Financial Instrument Issuance and Administration Technology
  • GridSingularity — Decentralized Energy Data Application Platform

In line with the Morden and Ropsten naming convention, Kovan is named after a metro station in Singapore — home of Digix, Attores and TenX — where the initial proposal for the Kovan public testnet was drafted at the ​SGInnovate​ co-working space. For information on connecting to the live Kovan testnet and using the faucet service, please read the configuration guide at​, or join the gitter channel for support.