Crowdsale token distribution by DigixDAO: AAR (After Action Review)

  1. Some users inputed their own wallet addresses instead of the addresses that we have listed for watching contracts and tokens / claiming of tokens on Mist. The addresses once again are:

Crowsale Contract: 0xF0160428a8552AC9bB7E050D90eEADE4DDD52843

Token Contract: 0xe0b7927c4af23765cb51314a0e0521a9645f0e2a

Badge Contract: 0x54bda709fed875224eae569bb6817d96ef7ed9ad

2. Currently at this moment of writing, 1mio of 2mio DGD tokens are currently claimed. This information can be tracked at

3. Mist 0.7.0 and 0.7.1 has a token bug that does not display DGDs / nor Unicorn tokens. Please upgrade to the new mist release 0.7.2

4. On Mist, you need to do +Watch Token to see the DGDs in your wallet, not only watching the crowsale contract. Instructions are found here:

5. MyEtherWallet has added claiming / holding / sending functionalities for DGD tokens. Please check out their superb work at

6. DGDs are now listed on Gatecoin, Yunbi, OpenLedger.

7. Last but not least, DigixGlobal appreciates the developers at MyEtherWallet for helping us with an alternative way to hold DGDs, coding it overnight to get it ready even though they did not need to do so. Etherscan for verifying the source code and adding our tokens to the explorer. We also appreciate the Mist development team for fixing the token bug in time for the token distribution, the community for helping us answer questions when we were swarmed with troubleshooting, and the cooperativeness of everyone involved with DigixDAO. It is a long road ahead, and we will continue moving forward to build and strengthen the Ethereum Ecosystem.

More updates on our progress will be released in the coming days, thank you.