Current Roadmap for Digix

  1. Chris Hithcott, who has recently joined DigixGlobal from EthCore (and did an awesome job with their website), is overhauling our web UI, as the common feedback was that it was not user friendly. His help and expertise will increase the adoption of DGX on the Ethereum network.
  2. Talks have begun with exchanges to have DGD listed on their platform by the end of Apr 28.

After Apr 28, when DGD tokens are distributed:

  1. Seek approval for priority projects. EtherEx, a key part in this whole ecosystem for DGX / REP / DAI / MKR / DGD / Slock tokens, is a project we look to work on almost immediately after April 28.
  2. Integration of DGX and / or DGD into Coinify as an option for payment processing
  3. I have been presented with exciting projects directly related to DigixDAO. I am looking to schedule webinars to host their pitches, and see if it would interest DigixDAO token holders to support projects that could enhance their reward structures.