DappHub to perform code review for Digix

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We are pleased to announce that DappHub representatives, Nikolai Mushegian and Andy Milenius, will be doing an initial code review for DigixGlobal’s core contracts prior to a full security audit.

DappHub, formerly, known as Nexus Development LLC, is the development studio that came up with MakerDAO, OasisDEX (A decentralised exchange), and the Dai stablecoin.

We knew the developers at DappHub when Ethereum first began, and the turning point came at Devcon2, where Anthony’s presentation on smart contract design resonated with DappHub’s own contract architecture. It was the first time when 2 private organizations, who were each privately exploring an elegant approach to writing secure smart contracts, reached similar conclusions and approached smart contract design in a verisimilar fashion.

As such, Digix knows that Nikolai and Andy are the right developers for the job.

Digix Writer

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