Dev Update May 1st 2017

KC Chng (CEO)

This week Shaun and I were at the ABA blockchain workshop in Jakarta to promote Digix. We were given a booth along with 5 other startups to promote and show case what we do. Several good connections were made in Jakarta (gold dealers, virtual currency exchanges, asset managers) and we look forward to deepen our relationship with them for future partnerships.

Digix in Jakarta

Anthony (CTO)

This week we have covered significant ground in our Solidity contracts and successfully solved the stack-depth and gas exhaustion issues we have brought up at last week’s security update. We accomplished this by doing the following:

  • Wrapping variables used in our controller contracts around nested structs. This pattern is an elegant solution and makes our controller code much more readable by 3rd party code reviewers and security auditors.
  • We have made a business decision to remove transferable asset cards. While this is arguably a cool feature to have, we feel that there are not many real world use cases for this feature and it only adds an extra layer of complexity to our code. The added benefit of removing this feature is that our 3rd party security auditors and code reviewers have one less thing to worry about.

Our code will be ready to be delivered to our code reviewers and security auditors by next week. We have found several individuals and companies that we feel have the capabilities to do comprehensive and meaningful security audits on our code base. We will know more details as to how long the full audit will take by next week after they complete their initial review and give us their timeline estimates.

Chris Hitchcott (Core Dev)

This week I worked on the ETC redemption contract and scripts, please see the repo for more information.

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