DGX is now available to trade on Tokenlon Decentralized Exchange by imToken 2.0

DGX is now available to trade on Tokenlon by imToken 2.0

Digix is proud to announce that users can now purchase DGX on the mobile using the imToken mobile wallet app. One of imToken’s core functionalities is Tokenlon, an in-app decentralised exchange that allows seamless trading using features such as the Instant Exchange function. Given high mobile penetration and connectivity today, this is timely in deepening the access and reach of digital gold to blockchain enthusiasts.

DGX现在可以通过imToken 2.0进行Tokenlon交易

Digix 很自豪地宣布,用户现在可以使用 imToken 移动钱包应用程序在移动设备上购买DGX 了。 imToken的核心功能是 Tokenlon,这是一款应用内去中心化交易所,允许使用即时交换功能进行无缝交易。 鉴于当今智能手机的普及率和高效的个体连接,这种即时交易的方式,为数字化黄金资产与区块链爱好者之间提供了交易的便利性。

What is DGX?

DGX is an ERC-20 token that was launched in April 2018 by Digix. It represents physical gold on a proportional basis, with 1 token representing 1g of gold bullion from London Bullion Market Association-approved refiners.

DGX tokens are issued and minted through a suite of proprietary smart contracts that Digix has developed, called the Proof of Provenance (PoP) protocol. The PoP is an on-chain asset and supply chain management system which utilises Ethereum and IPFS, tracking the movement of the asset (gold in the primary use case) from the vendor to the independent third party custodial vault that Digix works with in Singapore. Only upon the delivery of the gold bullion to the custodial vault are DGX tokens issued and minted on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures that there is always a total weight of gold in the vault equivalent to the total supply of DGX tokens. The gold bullion is subject to verifications at the point of deposit, as well as at quarterly and annual audits by independent auditors.

DGX tokens can be recast for redemption of physical gold cast bars in Singapore, in denominations of 100g and 1kg.

Digix aims to create a stablecoin that is backed by a real world asset that can effectively hedge against the price volatility of the cryptocurrency world.

什么是 DGX ?

DGX 是由 Digix 团队于 2018 年 4 月推出的基于以太坊的 ERC-20 代币,与实物黄金锚定价格的稳定代币,每个 DGX 代币代表来自伦敦金银市场协​​会认证的高纯度 1克黄金。

DGX 通过 Digix 团队开发的一套专有智能合约创建和铸造的,这套智能合约称为 PoP(Proof of Provenance) 证明协议。

PoP 是一个链上资产和供应链管理系统,利用以太坊区块链上和 IPFS 网络进行从供应商到独立第三方保管库的全程数据跟踪。只有在将金条交付保管库时,DGX代币才会在以太坊区块链上发行并铸造。这可确保金库中的总金额等于DGX代币的总供应量。独立审计师将进行季度和年度审计来验证金条的存储。



The Complete DGX Experience for users on Tokenlon

With DGX now available through Tokenlon, Tokenlon offers a complete experience for users who can buy digital gold on the mobile using a trustless intermediary.

Not only can users buy DGX on Tokenlon directly, but also within any DApp that leverages Tokenlon’s open SDK. For a DApp to be able to leverage this feature, developers simply integrate the open Tokenlon SDK within their app. Read more here.

完整的 DGX 交易体验

DGX 现在可以通过Tokenlon获得,Tokenlon为客户提供了在移动设备上运用去中心化信任机制购买数字黄金的完整交易体验。

用户不仅可以直接在 Tokenlon 上购买DGX,而且可以在任何运用Tokenlon的开放式SDK的DApp中购买。为了使DApp能够利用这一功能,开发人员只需将开放的Tokenlon SDK集成到他们的应用程序中,在此阅读更多信息。

Mobile App interface of imToken

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, with currently over 2 millions users worldwide, access to 30,000 tokens and internationally recognized security features as a digital asset management tool. Soon, imToken is going to publish their milestone version of imToken 2.0 International, with newly introduced features such as digital identity, multi-chain wallet backup, Tokenlon, Cold Wallet and DApp browser, bringing to you a truly holistic blockchain experience.


About Digix

Digix is an asset tokenisation platform on Ethereum, with physical gold on the Ethereum blockchain being its first use case.

Digix created the Proof of Provenance Protocol (PoP) to track physical assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the entire asset explorer of gold bullion is publicly accessible by anyone on the Digix Marketplace.

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