Digix Dev Update — 14 Aug, 2018: Increased DGX, Kryptono Exchange Promotion, DGD Focus Group

Minted more DGX over the past 2 weeks

We are excited to have minted an additional 12 kg worth of DGX over the past 2 weeks.

With an increase in DGX price and circulating supply despite the overall bear market, it seems that there is growing demand for DGX as a volatility hedge or a safe haven asset.

Screenshot taken as of 14 August

With this in mind, we are eager to scale up our operations and marketing in the immediate future to further the improvement and growth in adoption of DGX.

Kryptono Exchange numbers

Since our previous update, the 24hr trading volumes for DGX has skyrocketed to more than 7,300 ETH in volumes. This has revealed encouraging numbers on the DGX profile of the Stable Coin Index, which is powered by Coin Market Cap.

Following from the observation of the newly minted DGX supply, the volumes noted through Kryptono Exchange further supports that DGX as a gold backed coin is increasingly viewed as an effective hedge against the volatility of virtual currencies.

The trading competition on Kryptono will end on 15th August 2018. The winners of the DGX award pool will receive their prizes directly on their Kryptono account.

Thank you for all the active participation in this period, and be excited for upcoming campaigns!

Ethfinex voting and AMA exercise

On Friday 3 Aug, we held an AMA with the Ethfinex team in preparation for the previous Ethfinex voting exercise, where our CEO Kai C Chng and COO Shaun Djie answered all questions that members of the community posed. The AMA is still accessible here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethfinex/comments/942pdu/ama_w_shaun_djie_digix_coo_cofounder_starts/

Questions that we answered included popular recurring ones such as our intention to tokenise other commodities, fending off increasing competition from other asset backed coins, our views on the function and sustainability of the DAO model that we are using with reference to the experience of DAOs so far, growth plans for the short term future, how can one go about physically redeeming the gold from our online marketplace and storage facility, etc.

The next Ethfinex voting has commenced and is viewable on https://nectar.community/#/listings — DGX is currently number 6 on the list. The voting ends in 7 days, so do head over to vote if you have some EVT tokens to vote with.

Community meetups and events

Ethereum Singapore meetups this week

For this week alone, we have scheduled two Ethereum Singapore sessions.

Tonight, we will be hosting a presentation and panel session consisting of Carry Protocol (a HASHED project) (https://carryprotocol.io/) — which looks at better data management and monetisation, and putting data control in the hands of the consumer — and OpenLaw (a Consensys project) (https://openlaw.io/) — which leverages blockchain technology to create and execute legal agreements in the form of smart contracts. For more information, please visit https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-Singapore/events/253602316/.

On Thursday, we are hosting Dfinity’s keynote. Dfinity holds itself out to be a decentralised replacement for the existing web hosting stack and is designed to be similar to Ethereum as a platform but with fewer performance restrictions. For more information, check out the event synopsis at https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-Singapore/events/252957494/

Australia Wholesale Investor Conference — Singapore Edition

Alex Walrut (Business Development Manager, Wholesale Investor), Kai C Chng (CEO of Digix), Joshua Ho (Co-Founder, QCP Capital), Takashi Sano (Venture Partner of Global Brain)

Following from KC’s presentation at the Australian leg of the Wholesale Investor’s Conference, our CEO, Kai C Chng was involved in a panel discussion during the Singapore leg. KC sat alongside industry colleagues to discuss “Investing in Blockchain and Crypto across Asia Pac — Fund Managers’ Perspectives”.

Focus group interviews on DigixDAO governance platform

In anticipation of the upcoming launch of the DigixDAO governance platform, we are extending an invitation to the public / our community to apply to take part in select focus groups user interviews.

These interviews are meant to provide two-way opportunities for the community to be updated on the progress of DigixDAO, while providing us with valuable user feedback regarding their experience with the user interface so far, and expectations for the upcoming governance platform.

We would like to emphasise that there are no right or wrong answers and this is just an avenue for us to find out how our users interact or hope to interact with our platforms. We will use the collected data to design the governance UI according to user observations and expectations, rather than to guess what is expected from our community.

The focus group will have insider previews to new or suggested updates on the DigixDAO platform, in appreciation for their time spent with the interviews.

We will provide more information in a following update on this matter when we open applications for this.

Existing platforms to find or use DGX

Right now, DGX can be found or used on imToken, Kyber Network, Kryptono Exchange, RadarRelay, AirSwap, Request Network (beta), IDEX.

You can also use DGX for payments on Shopify through the Reqify plug-in (https://reqify.io/) which has been developed by the Request Network team for use with the Shopify ecommerce platform to accept payments in all cryptocurrencies that have been integrated with the Request Network environment. We are happy to support this as it marks a step towards mainstream adoption. We wish you a happy shopping experience with cryptocurrencies on Shopify!

Upcoming campaigns and promotions

We are currently close to finalising a string of campaigns and promotions in the coming weeks.

Do keep a lookout for upcoming DGX campaigns that we will announce through our social media channels and our email newsletters. If you haven’t already done so, do subscribe to our mailing list through our website to receive regular updates in your inboxes.

Ramping up appearance and coverage across other media and publication channels

We are currently in the midst of talking with several online media tech publications and outlets with a view to getting more content pieces published across these channels. Do expect to see more original content from us, which we will be sharing with you through these channels and the other social media platforms that we use, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Feedback from the community

We recognise your invaluable feedback about the upcoming things that you would like to see more of and what you hope we would do. Do rest assured that we read all your comments and feedback across our various community channels such as Discord and Reddit.

We are in preparation for the scaling up of our operations and offerings, and will be sharing some of these plans for the short-to-long term in the near future. We have previously shared in brief our initial thoughts — as we now approach the 4th quarter of the year, we are eager to grab a hold of the ripe opportunities that surround us.