Digix Dev Update — 15th August 2017

Business Development:

KYC Testing Phase V2.0:

Over the past week, we launched the KYC testing marketplace to a group of Private Pledgers group of 92. The test ranged from random rejected accounts for re-submission of passport, billing documentations etc to full form fills for the KYC. We will announce more details about a public testing of this interface soon.

This week will be a week of hosting various guests from the Ethereum Foundation (Vitalik Buterin) to the Parity Technologies team of Bjorn Wagner and Gavin Wood.

Bjorn from Parity with the Digix Team

We are organizing the sold-out keynote by Vitalik on Wednesday 16 August 2017, 6:30pm Singapore Time. You may tune in to the live stream under this Youtube link. Alternatively, if the link fails, please view the live stream (backup) on our Facebook page. Do give us a like!

*New ancillary feature — Bar transfer ins*:

One additional feature that will be added soon after the beta release of our marketplace would be to discretionarily allow external gold bar transfers into the Digix ecosystem. The implications of this is huge, as this directly unlocks the value of tangible, personal assets onto the blockchain without the need of any financial intermediaries / institution. Neither would Digix, as a business model, even require any banking relationships to exist in future with this feature.

This revolutionary model enables the reality of banking without banks. Any interested customers with 99,99% and 24K quality of 100g gold cast bullion (from London Bullion Market Approved refineries) can ship their gold bars to Digix, subjected to Density Ultrasound and X-ray (termed DUX Testing) testing thresholds. Thereafter, through the proprietary Proof of Asset protocol, we can tokenize your gold bars into spendable DGX tokens for example, via the TenX virtual currency debit card.

Anthony Eufemio(CTO)

We’re working on getting our DigixCore codebase ready for our 3rd and final security audit. One of the key points brought up in the 2nd audit is the limited amount of unit testing which we are now addressing prior to having the final and comprehensive audit. The key strategy is to have all components written in a modular fashion. Each contract module can then be tested as a single independent unit while limiting the need for dependency mocks.

PoA State Machine Contract

We have refactored the PoA Core contracts into a generic access controlled state machine. This new storage contract library allows us to define roles and actions that can be done to change an asset’s status on contract storage:

This approach also greatly simplifies the amount of testing we will need to write for our controller contracts which rely on this pattern.

Chris Hitchcott (Core Dev)

With relatively limited dev time last week, I continued building out the marketplace UI; implementing an updated marketplace contract API, a transaction validation system (for published but failed transactions), hooking up various DGX statistics, dynamic testimonials and implementing candlestick charts to show historical DGX prices. The screenshots below illustrate the existing marketplace UI (currently with very rudimentary CSS), which this week will be skinned to look more in line with digix branding (illustrated in previous videos), as I make the final final touches to the marketplace UI/UX ready for testing.

This week will hopefully yield the completed marketplace UI (including skinning) for a beta deployment (on Kovan), and I will begin implementing UI for the updated PoA / Asset Explorer API.

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