Digix Dev Update — 21st Nov 2017, Fintech Week, Auditor search, Code freeze

We have made several progresses on multiple fronts, specifically on the development of our smart contracts and significant partnerships.

Tech Development

Code Freeze to happen by Dec 8 to be ready for full smart contract audits

  • We are approximately 2 weeks away before code freeze of DigixCore 2.0 contracts. It will then go through the comprehensive security audits by a 3rd party company. We are currently interviewing several security consulting firms to determine who will be best for our product.
  • This will be announced immediately when the agreement is made
  • At the moment we are creating a standard Vagrant box and deployment scripts that allows us to spin up new development environments without the pain of having inconsistent configurations. This will allow us to easily distribute our internal codebase, toolsets, and system configurations to new developers, third party companies (i.e. for security audits), and for doing internal demos. Some of us will be in Japan for the GlobalBrain Alliance Forum to do a live demo of the entire Proof of Asset Protocol and Marketplace purchase of DGX on Dec 8.

Tech Dev Roadmap Changes

Digix Admin — Changed from 90% to 95%

PoA Interactive — Changed from 90% to 95%

Asset Explorer — Changed from 95% to completed

Core2 Unit testing — Changed from 85% to 90%

Updated roadmap will be live within 24 hours at https://digix.global/assets/pdf/roadmap.pdf

Business Development

Community Involvement, partnerships, and engagement during The Singapore Fintech Week

Digix and Aditus

In a recently announced blog post, Digix and Aditus will be partnering to provide gold tokens to luxury users of their app.

Community Engagement and Involvements

Digix business development team has organized, presented and attended several events the past week due the annual Singapore Fintech Week.

Monday 13 Nov— Hosted the Consensys team for their Singapore Roadshow.

Recorded Stream below:

Consensys in Singapore, organized by Digix at SGInnovate
Origin, Pryze, Balanc3, Digix, Consensys Capital, Verideum with Ethereum supporters in Singapore.

Tuesday 14 Nov— Hosted GlobalBrain VC, a blockchain VC active in Asia.

KC and Taka at a fireside chat
GlobalBrain — VC 3.0

Recorded Stream of the event below:

GlobalBrain Fireside Chat with KC (Digix)

In the evening, we attended a closed door event in the evening with our current and future partners to our business.

Vu, CS, Gaurang (Indorse), Shaun, J. Lubin, Kc

Wednesday 15 Nov— SUSS inclusive Blockchain event, where Shaun was part of a fintech panel discussion with crypto entrepreneurs under 30.

SUSS Blockchain Panel Discussion with Digix, Coingecko, Kyber Network and many more

Thursday 16 Nov — Adam from Breadwallet presented and are most happy to include DGX into their future iteration of their app

Adam Traidman presenting on Breadwallet at Paypal offices

There will be a significant piece of announcement within the next 2 weeks. (No, not to do with our launch, but will be highly significant to our ongoing supporters.) Thank you.