Digix Dev Update- 22 Feb 2019

  1. Digix Medium Publication Account
  2. ETA for DigixDAO Governance Platform
  3. Digix Event/Interview/Podcast
  4. Partnership with Blucon
  5. Digix storing gold in Canada
  6. Digix Twitter Chinese New Year Campaign
  7. Digix Town-hall Meeting
  8. Digix Media Release

1.Digix Medium Publication Account

We are happy to announce that our Medium Publication Account is finally launched, we will move all of our future updates on Medium to our Publication Account, please follow us and continue to support us here! This will be where you can get the latest company updates from us.

2. ETA for DigixDAO Governance Platform

In the past weeks, we have pushed new features to our demo website of the DigixDAO Governance Platform running on Kovan:

  • Approving draft projects (by moderators)
  • Voting on projects (commit and reveal scheme)
  • Setting a unique handle, to be used as the display name for a user on the platform. Please note that you can only set this handle once.
  • Setting email address
  • Submitting of KYC information
  • Changing fundings for an ongoing project
  • Claiming of DGX rewards (would only be possible after a quarter has passed)

In the next update, we will be looking to add the following features:

  • Claiming of project funding
  • Email notifications for proposer
  • Special proposals
  • Support for Ledger and Trezor

If you want to help testing our demo website of DigixDAO Governance Platform, please follow the instructions here.

We are looking forward to launching the governance platform live on the Ethereum Mainnet on March 30 2019. As we move closer to the launch, we would be uploading instructional videos on how to effectively participate on the platform.

3. Digix Event/Interview/Podcast

Our team is actively attending events and interviews to build up more interactions with the industry.

  • The Principal of Lunex Ventures hosted an interview with Digix CEO Kai C. Chng, talking about tokenized gold. Interview video can be found here .
  • Digix COO Shaun will be speaking at Emergence 2019 Sydney regarding “Opportunities for Investors in Blockchain Industry in 2019” and “The Next Evolution in Capital Markets”.
  • Technology Blog Writer invited Digix CEO to his daily tech podcast talking about the impact that the intersection between the gold and cryptocurrency markets may have on the reality of million of investors and would-be investors worldwide. Podcast to be found here.
  • Cointelegraph had an interview with Digix COO regarding the latest performance of Digix linked to gold’s rising price and the benefits that a gold-pegged digital currency can provide against the volatility of crypto.
  • Digix Lead Designer Heloise Jutteau delivered a talk on Symmetry and The Search for Perfection, at the notorious International Creative Mornings event.
  • Shaun will be speaking at TOKEN 2049 and will share his view on the topic “Stablecoins: The Separation Of Money And State?”, followed by the first ever Ethereum Asia SuperMeetup. Shaun will join this SuperMeetup as Ethereum Singapore Community Leader, together with 11 other communities from across the Asia Pacific to plan Ethereum’s future.

4. Partnership with Blucon

February 22 in Singapore, Digix announced a partnership with Blucon, the integrated global payment platform that facilitates the unrestricted worldwide payment of digital assets. Digix’s gold-backed tokens (DGX) will be integrated onto the Blucon Card, enabling users based in Korea to transact on daily purchases like food, transport, or entertainment using the recession-proof digital asset.

Kai C. Chng, CEO, and Founder of Digix, said: “Partnering with Blucon will propel Digix’s primary focus of democratizing gold as an asset by making it spendable and accessible. Korea is well-known for its vibrant gold sector, and we look forward to providing the wider population with the opportunity to spend this time-tested asset on everyday purchases just as they would spend Korean Won.”

Blucon cardholders will have access to lower service and transfer fees through transacting with DGX tokens, facilitating better savings and driving forward the growing crypto-as-payment movement in Korea.

The partnership will also introduce Blucon to new users across Asian Pacific and Australia, where Digix commands a strong presence.

5. Digix storing gold in Canada

We are delighted to share that Digix is now vaulting gold bullion in Canada as well as in Singapore.

This important development represents the first extension of our vaulting locations internationally. Our growing partnership with SGB has allowed us to expand our vaulting geography, in addition to our two current vaults in Singapore, Brinks SG, and The Safe House. Our latest supply worth 15kg of gold bars is stored at Brinks Calgary, Canada. With more vaulting locations with well-known custodians, we aim to distribute the concentration risk of storing all our physical gold in one jurisdiction and one custodian.

We are constantly striving to improve our product and services offerings for all DGX holders, and storing of gold in Brinks Calgary, Canada marks a significant step in that journey. We look forward to keeping you updated on our continued progress as we move further into 2019!

6. Digix Twitter Chinese New Year Campaign

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, we launched a Twitter campaign, where our followers need to answer “If you have 100 DGX, how will you spend it?”. Top five most liked and retweeted comments each will win 2 DGX as price. This campaign has gained much more attention from our followers, around 100X likes compared with our previous tweets.

7. Digix Town-hall meeting

Digix began 2019 by conducting our Digix Town-hall to firmly set our goals and objectives for the year ahead. Our offshore team was invited to our Singapore Head office. This was a great opportunity for all of the team members to interact and work together.

8. Digix Media Release

We have been steadily working towards increasing Digix ’s social media and web presence in 2019. Here is a list of our online coverage since the start of 2019:

We always appreciate feedback from the community on any angles, so do drop us a note or join our channels below:

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