Digix Dev Update — 22 May 2018

Getting DGX onto Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, Etherscan

The team is pleased to announce that DGX is now listed on Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap and Etherscan.

  1. Blockfolio

Besides having DGX listed on Blockfolio, we have collaborated with Blockfolio in being one of the first few teams to be invited to use their Signals function to reach out to our community and supporters. ‘Signals’ allow projects to send direct and short updates to Blockfolio users who have added the respective project tokens to their Blockfolio portfolio.

Having transmitted a few Signals to both DGD and DGX holders on Blockfolio, we believe that this provides for quick and effective communication. We will be looking to send out in the future Signals that cover snapshots of our business and DGD governance updates, so do add DGX and DGD to your Blockfolio portfolios if you have not in order to receive updates from us.

If you haven’t already, please download the Blockfolio app from the Google Playstore or Apple iOS Store.

2. CoinMarketCap

DGX is also now listed on CMC at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digix-gold-token/.

We note that the figures above are missing the total circulating supply of DGX and are working on getting the figures displayed correctly.

3. Etherscan.io

Our token address on EtherScan is located at https://etherscan.io/token/0x4f3afec4e5a3f2a6a1a411def7d7dfe50ee057bf. The details of our total supply, price feed, holders can be seen and the entire DGX trail can be audited here as well.

Ethereum Singapore meetups this week and event engagements:

The annual Tech In Asia 2018 Conference featured a special segment for the first time, The Blockchain Stage. Shaun sat alongside Dorjee Sun, founder and CEO of Perlin, (also Executive Advisor to Republic Protocol), Tiago Alves, VP For AppCoins, moderated by Lee-On, Founder of Crypto-Square. The panel discussed on Life after ICO, where topics such as the importance of treasury management by means of DGX, marketing, community engagement, featured amongst the speakers.


Ethereum Singapore has seen lively activity and we at Digix are always proud to be helping projects, whether established or new, reach out to their community and enthusiasts.

Zilliqa is hosting their status and progress meetup on 23 May: https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-Singapore/events/249733843/

We have also secured the famous Miss Bitcoin for a joint event (co-hosted with XSQ). She has been the face of Bitcoin in Japan since 2011, establishing her name as one of the most impressive crypto-influencer: https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-Singapore/events/250959127/

The last meetup of the week will be by Quadrant Protocol (https://quadrantprotocol.com): https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-Singapore/events/250766318/

If you are in Singapore, we hope to see you at these meetups!

Upcoming plans

Since the launch of DGX 2.0, our numbers so far have looked optimistic and we are grateful to our community for their support. As we get into the groove of things, we are looking to roll out various plans in the short term with a view to scaling, putting out a consistent brand strategy and increasing our outreach.

Brand identity refresh

In this quarter, we will be finalising our rebranding. Our community can expect to see our new brand identity implemented for all our existing collateral and outreach platforms. These include, amongst many others, a new website and a new logo. Do stay tuned for more updates in this space — we expect our brand identity refresh to be complete by end June 2018.

Continuing substantial propagation of DGX in the ecosystem

Right now, we are focusing on increasing the reach of DGX in the ecosystem, first by targeting decentralised exchanges (DEXes). We have done our listing and integration with Kyber Network as the 1st DEX, and the flows on Kyber have been consistent and optimistic.

Next, we are working with the Maker team for a smooth integration and listing on their Oasis DEX. We are also working with Tokenlon from imToken on integration aspects for the 0x protocol.

Long term

Achieving substantial entrenchment of DGX in the ecosystem

In the long term, our goal is to establish DGX as the de facto gold token reserve on the blockchain. While noting that there are various other projects in the same space, we strive to differentiate ourselves on the basis of a technology that is strong in substance and defensible in execution.

In time to come, we believe that asset tokenisation will prove to be one of the primary use cases on the blockchain and we are proud to be one of the pioneers on this front. The Proof of Provenance protocol that we have developed remains the key demonstration of what we seek to achieve in this space: to have a fully auditable and transparent asset-backed token that cannot be undermined by the insertion of unplanned elements (such as fraud, etc) at various entry points, that is problematic in traditional circles.

We will continue to integrate DGX with all partnering dApps and update the community as and when these can be finalised.

At the same time, we want to increase community engagement with the DGD token, believing that a self motivated, self organising and self governing community that is united by a broader purpose and goal in mind has more potential and power than a strict rules-based system that has seen disenfranchisement of stakeholders, alienation of minorities and abuse of power from within. To achieve this, we are constantly working on and ironing out our DGD governance structure.

These remain the key tenets of our ecosystem and to that, we continue to work hard in the hopes of developing a defensible structure and constantly innovating to figure out where we can add value to the ecosystem.

We always appreciate feedback from the community on any angles, so do drop us a note or join our channels below: