Digix Dev Update — 6th Sept 2017

Singapore is not part of China!

While Singapore is a good friend of China, they are separate countries entirely. On Monday 4 September, PBOC has released a statement banning new ICOs and for ICO platforms to issue refunds for virtual currencies. While we do have people following the China developments closely, DigixGlobal is a Singapore incorporated company and follows Singapore law and jurisdiction, not Chinese law.

Ethereum Singapore Meetups:

  1. AirSwap : The New Token Economy
CEO in Arms, KC (Digix) and Michael (Airswap)

Last week we hosted Michael Oved from AirSwap at a sold-out Ethereum Singapore Meetup event over at Collision8, where almost 100 people attended the event. Simon de la Rouviere, who was also in town for another talk at Singapore Management University on Intellectual Property and Music rights on the Ethereum Blockchain, was one of the notable faces in the crowd, alongside usual supporters such as TenX and ConsenSys Asia Pacific.

L to R: Simon de la Rouviere (Ujo Music & ERC20 design contributor), Michael Oved (AirSwap), Shaun Djie (Digix)

2. Maecenas : Decentralized Art Gallery

Last night, Tuesday, 5 September, we hosted Maecenas, the decentralized art gallery, who gave an overview on their use case of tokenizing art pieces.

Next week’s Meetup — REIDAO: Real Estate On the Blockchain

Next week, 12 September, REIDAO will take the stage to speak on their real estate project. REIDAO creates real-estate backed tokens for every property listed on their platform. Their vision is to make property ownership accessible to everyone. Please RSVP to the meetup here.

Tech Update

Anthony Eufemio — CTO

Our current focus is for the 3rd audits to have 100% test coverage. Part of the Core 2.0 contract refactor work is to modularize many of the codebase so that it can be re-used for other projects and to allow for more modular testing.

This week we are open sourcing two libraries. Today we have opened up our Solidity Collections Library to the public as an open sourced project. This library provides us with an iterable data type (doubly linked list) that can be used for pagination of lists. This is currently used in our Proof of Asset (PoA) system for listing minted assets, PoA authorities, etc. We are also in the process of open sourcing our Statemachine library later this week.

OmiseGo Airdrop

We have been asked about the OmiseGo AirDrop tokens and whether or not we are able to distribute the tokens received in our crowdsale contract which holds our ETH. As the address that holds our ETH is a contract that was not written to support handling of ERC20 tokens, we will not be able to distribute these OmiseGo Airdrop tokens and will forever remain in token limbo if the the tokens are airdropped into the DigixDAO contract address.

Chris Hitchcott (Core Developer)

Last week included another week of maintenance updates to support updates to the solidity codebase, which included:

  • Cleaning up the seed scripts for the Kovan Marketplace deployment
  • An update to Doxity which enables support for compiling with solidity compiler 0.4.16
  • Another deployment to Kovan to include a more generous BLOCK_DRIFT (as Kovan has much shorter block times)
  • A range of interface updates on the marketplace to streamline user experience
  • Dynamic reducer registration for Spectrum dapplets, which allows for easier config management, prepares for the dapplet store, and to allow for more rapid local dapplet development by enabling hot module replacement in dapplet imports

I also began work on a new (and soon to be open source) project called ‘Dijix’: Digix’s IPFS & JSON Immutable & eXtendable File Format, which will be used to provide rich, extendable file formats in the PoA whilst only recording a single root IPFS hash for each attestation.

It’s also designed to make browsing IPFS content a lot more efficient by automatically generating thumbnails, splitting pages, with a pluggable middleware system. Dijix core pipeline has been specced and tested, and progress continues this week on the DijixType plugins. (which should be light work as pdf / image conversion logic simply needs to be migrated from the PoA UI).