Digix Dev Update — 9th Oct 2018: Audit on DigixDAO contracts, UI Progress, Pending partnership with Renowned International Bullion Retailer

DigixDAO smart contracts audit progress

ChainSecurity has been chosen as DigixDAO smart contract auditor and we have started on the auditing process with them. They are a technically strong team and we are confident that they are qualified to thoroughly examine our contracts to discover any potential vulnerabilities. A safe estimate for the completion of the audit as well as potential bug fixing (if there is no major refactoring) is by the end of the year.

Please note that our current DigixDAO smart contract suite is relatively massive (~7450 lines compared to Augur’s 5610 lines and Kyber Network’s 5630 lines), hence it will take time to finish auditing the whole system.

Development of DigixDAO governance platform user interface

We have been steadily progressing work on our DigixDAO governance platform. We would love to provide our Digix community with the best and most well-designed user interface for the most optimal experience.

Below are some teaser shots of what you can expect in time to come — though we will not be showing all our cards at this point!

Feel free to provide us feedback on what you would like to see and we will be happy to hear from you.

Upcoming partnership with a renowned retailer of gold bullion

We are proud to share that we are in the midst of finalising a partnership with a renowned gold bullion retailer.

More details will be revealed when we do a formal announcement in time to come so do stay tuned!

Announcement coming soon

Immutable Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018 — Digix presentation

A few weeks ago, KC Chng (CEO) spoke at the Immutable Blockchain Summit Singapore 2018, for which Digix was one of the organisers alongside Kenetic Capital.

We are happy to share the public recording of KC’s presentation about Digix, which is now available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cew6vUGAxeA.

We hope that everyone who had attended enjoyed it and learnt from the thoughts of some well-regarded leaders in this space. Do keep a lookout for upcoming events and conferences, especially if you happen to be in town!