Digix Dev Update — Apr 15 2017


KC Chng (CEO)

We want to clarify Digix’s position on the ETC held within DigixDAO. Any token holders who own DGD tokens will be able to indefinitely withdraw from it. Chris has been working on the smart contract code in preparation of the ETC refund which he will share in detail below, which we hope to implement by May 1st. DappHub has come back with a quotation, and we will request for quotation from 1 or 2 other audit firms who kindly offered to help us do a code review before making the decision.

Anthony Eufemio (CTO)

Was out this week due to personal/family related issues. Will return on Monday.

Chris Hitchcott (Ciore Dev)

Switching gears from Spectrum, this week I’ve been working on miscellaneous javascript work; providing updates for our toolchain as well a couple other projects that needed to be attended to.

In terms of the toolchain, I added support for Doxity to work with truffle imports, which means we can easily generate natspec docs once again (before it relied on solidity compiler, which was fine until we upgraded to using truffle imports).

I also created an MVP IPFS pinning service. This is a little web service that uses ecrecover to authenticate requests for ‘pinning’ documents to IPFS, and then publishing the hash of those pinned documents to other nodes for redundancy. We’re currently using Kovan to maintain a registry of whitelisted addresses and IPFS hashes, which means that we can easily spin up more of these pinning service applications to provide additional redundancy and QoS for the IPFS docs that are part of the Digix system (such as those uploaded by the vendors, custodians and auditors).

I did some minor cleaning up of tests, and added new examples in Solidity and ES7 (using async/await) for a much cleaner syntax for writing new tests. In most cases, this async syntax can replace Contest, as whilst it’s much more readable than promises (in some cases even less verbose than Contest), it retains flexibility of having native JS rather than the contest’s rigid domain-specific methods. It’s also going to come in very useful when web3 1.0 comes out (as methods will be promisified and ready for await).

Finally, I also spent a little time in preparation for the etc withdraw process — part of which requires discovering the balances of all DGD holders on a specific block. I’ve created a script that reads all the Purchase and Claim events from the crowdsale, and then Transfer events from DGD Token, so I can track addresses and spit out of a report of ownership at a specific block (which requires a full ‘archive’ ethereum node without tree-pruning).

## core2-storage-library-contracts

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/core2-storage-library-contracts.git

- 82d35b5 — [wip] StorageCore test

- e77a39f — [maint] update deps (use new tempo), es7 tests for LibraryUser payment_date

- 40e302c — [maint] add TestLibraryUser.sol

- 5fe8712 — [maint] optimize packaging (don’t incude docs), use testrpc accounts in development

- f0737d4 — [maint] rebuild, make migrations a bit faster

- ce499a0 — [maint] ignore node_modules

- ad4ddb5 — [maint] build docs with new doxity

## doxity

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/doxity.git

- 493a3e2 — Update README.md

- 9c74b04 — Update README.md

- 3c352c2 — [feature] truffle support!

- 95ad317 — [bugfix] fix default repo in src

- 728edf6 — Merge pull request #12 from akru/patch-1 Like a bug in default source URI

## etc-refund

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/etc-refund.git

- df0519c — [wip] initial commit

## ipfs-pinning-registry

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/ipfs-pinning-registry.git

- 1236e6d — bump version

- 36e371f — [maint] refactor into les smethods

- 275ba43 — [feature] initial commit, basic logger / regsitry concept, tests

## node-ipfs-pinner

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/node-ipfs-pinner.git

- c5ebdee — [bugfix] readme fix

- a8c6df2 — [maint] typo

- f1e04b5 — [maint] set default port to 3000, use updated contract

- 2294d4b — [feature] enabled pinning; mvp

- fa8169d — [wip] update readme

- 4526828 — [wip] initial commit; basics of web server, eth registry integration, signature verification

## tempo

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/tempo.git

- 756dcd5 — [maint] strip down functionality, drop support for non-testrpc


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