Digix Dev Update — Mar 10 2017

Since we last spoke just over a week ago, a lot has happened. As a solution to the Ropsten spam attacks, with the help of a few friends, deployed an entire new testnet called Kovan. With regards to Kovan, we helped write most of the documentation for users and validators, and have been helping out with the faucet service (simply sending those who request KETH to them when they need it).

We also redeployed our entire existing contract codebase to Kovan, with the addition of the Asset Vendor Interface (the contracts that allow gold bar vendors to register new bars). Thanks to the recent truffle upgrade, it was a simple as a minor config file update and we were good to go re-deploying and importing the contract metadata via NPM into any kind of app we wanted.

Truffle config for kovan

Registering the first asset bar on Kovan

Amongst other Spectrum features, I’ve been working on the associated user interface to allow vendors to register bars. Web3-redux has helped out a lot in with writing the UI — getting data from the blockchain and creating transactions whilst transparently hooking into the signing UI based on the type of account that the address is associated with.

Importing AssetVendorInterface contract info generated by truffle directly from NPM

Creating the asset transaction, automatically showing signing modal

Work in progress user interface for vendors to register assets

## core2-storage-library-contracts

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/core2-storage-library-contracts.git

- 9bc809b — [maint] add deplyoed addresses to readme

- ed3a52a — [maint] move contract deps to devdeps

- e287632 — [maint] update truffle deps, update gas for kovan

- 8b64192 — [maint] redeploy to kovan

- b11dd4e — [wip] asset redemption

- 8d73b71 — [maint] merge with build

- f477af2 — Merge branch ‘alpha2’

- b5feec3 — [maint] remove build pre-merge to master

- bc04f7d — [maint] merge issues

- 8054a33 — [maint] merge issues

- c1fd002 — [bugfix] Fix compile issues after merge

- 06e68ae — Merge branch ‘alpha2’

- ec1171b — [wip] AssetVendorInterface

- 732d7e4 — [wip] Asset vendor

- 5624f31 — [feature] Asset vendor interface

- 1fc857a — [maint] deploy to kovan

- 652c632 — [wip] AssetInfo and AssetData refactoring

## digix.io

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/digix.io-v2.git

- 24d2944 — [maint] Build

- 3054328 — [maint] Use new blog feeds API endpoint

## gfx

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/gfx.git

- 81d55dc — [maint] add dgx test token

## spectrum

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/Spectrum.git

- 09f8c4d — [wip] vendor assets ui

- 83abe0b — [maint] add additional stringUtils; isPrefixed, toRednerable, isNull, hexToNumber

- 3b52ace — [wip] keystore import

- e792c91 — [wip] use updated web3-redux for hot reloading

- d39b620 — [wip] update seedStore with kovan, misc cleanup

- 37e77a3 — [wip] v3 keytore download

- cef8a78 — [wip] cold storage signer (w/ qr code)

- bbb49ef — [bugfix] hide signing modal

## truffle-lightwallet-provider

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/truffle-lightwallet-provider.git

- 0d76b2e — [maint] use re-enable polling for comptability with updated truffle

## web3-console

### git@github.com:DigixGlobal/web3-console.git

- b77eb01 — [maint] update readme

- e031dcf — [feature] intial commit — web3-console

## web3-redux

### https://hitchcott@github.com/DigixGlobal/web3-redux.git

- e5133de — [feature] for multiple return values, return object with de-prefixed names

- 339759e — add `isConnected`

- 18a9623 — [minor] linting fix

- 7f723ae — [feature] expoose raw connect handlers for HMR

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