Digix Gold Tokens, DGX, to be listed on Kryptono Exchange from 16 July 2018

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What is Kryptono Exchange?

Kryptono Exchange is a new world-class centralised cryptocurrency exchange which launched public trading on the 1st of June 2018. Since then, they have attracted a large user base with over 80,000 users, approximately half of which are from Southeast Asia.

The KNOW token, ERC223, is the native coin of the exchange and will allow for discounts on transaction fees to be enjoyed by users.

One distinguishing feature is that Kryptono Exchange is a cross blockchain crypto-to-crypto exchange with peer-to-peer (P2P) fiat conversion. Users can exchange crypto with fiat via a P2P mechanism embedded within the Kryptono community where the exchange emphasise on securing and protecting users’ assets.

Partnership details

Digix is proud to have DGX as the preferred asset backed stable coin on the Kryptono Exchange. We are excited for what this milestone partnership holds for Digix.

As a start, there will be a DGX/ETH pairing on the Kryptono Exchange. Potential expansion of DGX trading pairs will be added at a later date.

Kryptono Exchange will also have an IEO launch platform, XPAD, a platform for both IEO projects and the Kryptono user base. XPAD will have a team of experts to conduct due diligence on IEO projects that will be listed on Kryptono where verified users can participate with DGX into the IEO projects.

What to look out for?

To jumpstart DGX’s listing on Kryptono Exchange, we are excited to announce a trading competition held for the first month! The top 111 DGX balance holders in Kryptono Exchange stand to win attractive prizes.

Top prize: A 100g gold bar equivalent in DGX tokens

Next 10: 10 DGX tokens each

Next 100: 1 DGX token each

Timeline for trading:

Deposit of DGX to commence from: 13 July 2018, 12:00 pm (Singapore Time)

Trading of DGX to commence from: 16 July 2018, 5:00pm (Singapore Time)

Competition period for trading volume:

16 July to 15 August 2018

Find out more details at https://kryptono.exchange

I don’t see Kryptono Exchange on CoinMarketCap?

The exchange and its native token, KNOW, will be added to CMC and other aggregators in the near future.

It is available here on CoinGecko.

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Digix Writer

Digix Writer


We have moved to our publication account, please follow our updates here: https://medium.com/digix