DigixGlobal joins the Gold Label Project with Binance Info

Binance Info has launched the Gold Label Project! We are pleased to announce that the DigixDAO token has become the 23rd to officially join this initiative and has received a verification from Binance Info.

With the Gold Label Project, we aim to provide users with the most trusted information on crypto projects. Check our page here: (https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/digixdao)

Aligning to the mission of Binance Info, we are encouraged to ensure the stability and give transparency to our users. Our digital token is backed by 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners, on a proportional basis of 1 token to 1 gram of gold. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, DGX is the digital representation of physical gold as an Ethereum token.

As an open information platform, Binance Info encourages all users to participate in maintaining accurate information on crypto projects. By creating a token profile, editing missing or incorrect project information, contributing news sources, and more, users can help the community better understand coins and tokens.

Digix is a Singapore based company that sells digital gold tokens (DGX) redeemable for gold in well- established Singapore vaults. Following this initiative, we also hope to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms and to have more brand visibility among the Blockchain users.