ANN: ETC Refund from DigixDAO — Snapshot Block fixed at #3,800,000

What does this mean?

All DGD holders on the Ethereum Main Chain during block number #3,800,000 (around end of May) will receive DGDR tokens in the same wallet address on the Ethereum Classic Chain within 24 hours.

(ETC and ETH addresses are compatible with each other, so you can generate wallets in an ETH client and use it on the ETC chain.)

What are DGDR tokens?

DGD token holders at block #3,800,000 are credited with DGDR tokens within 24 hours on the ETC chain, which can be used to call the redeem(_to) method on the DGDR contract and exchange them for an equivalent ETC balance.

Can I leave my DGDs in a contract wallet?

Short answer: It is advisable to move your DGDs from a wallet contract into a regular wallet before the snapshot block.

Long answer: Yes and no (it depends). If you still have funds in a wallet contract before the hard fork, you’ll be fine as long as the wallet can execute the `redeem` method (your wallet must be able to pass a ‘data’ field when signing a transaction). If you have funds in a wallet (or any other type of) contract from AFTER the hard fork, you are advised to move your funds into a regular wallet (not a contract or an exchange) before the snapshot block for the smoothest experience. For those who missed the deadline for moving out of a wallet contract, don’t worry — your DGDR will not be stuck forever. Depending on the type of contract, we’ll be able to manually process your request, which will involve verifying proof of ownership.

Can I redeem my ETC to a different ETC address?

Yes. When calling the `redeem` method on the withdraw contract, you can pass any other ETC address. You should pass a new, unused (on any chain) ETC address that is not an exchange or contract address to remove the possibility of transaction replays occuring.

Can I leave my DGDs in DGD listed exchanges to claim the ETC?

We will confirm exchange participation early next week. If exchanges do not explicitly agree to participate, DGD token holders will need to withdraw DGDs into their own Ethereum wallet (where they have personal access to their private keys) to receive DGDRs. If not, the exchanges will not have an obligation to return the ETC to you.

Please read the information below on how to claim personally:

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