Gatecoin resumes trading on 17 August, Wednesday

Gatecoin is relaunching their virtual currency exchange this Wednesday, 17 August, 0800 (GMT). Trading of DGDs will also be made available on their platform.

Aurélien Menant, Founder & CEO of Gatecoin shared with us that his team was incredibly excited to be one of the first exchanges to list DGD earlier this year, and is anticipating an equal amount of excitement among their traders.

Depositors of ETH prior to the hack will be eligible to withdraw 10% of their ETH holdings. Gatecoin is also waiving trading transaction fees on their platform until 1 September 2016. Gatecoin’s new approach towards security will also be released upon their relaunch.

Gatecoin will also be one of the first few exchanges that Digix will work with to list DGX 2.0, the gold-backed token on Ethereum.

We look forward to Gatecoin’s comeback.

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